Washington Commons Reservation Request

The Washington Commons Boardroom, Lobby and Event space are intended primarily for use by UW Advancement units.  Please note that if the space is needed for a UWAA Board or UW Foundation Board gathering, your reservation may get bumped.  This happens very rarely, and if it does, we’ll  give you as much advanced notice as possible.  Thanks for your understanding.

Please fill out the information below as completely as possible. You must fill out this form 10 business days before your event. If you have questions please contact the UWAA front desk at 206-543-3388 or uwalumni@uw.edu.


Contact Information

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Room Setup

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Will you need a specific layout for your event?: (required)
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Audio/Visual Equipment

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What audio or visual equipment will you need?
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Food and Beverage

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Will alcohol be served?: (required)
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The Banquet Permit form is required if you serve any alcohol at your event here at the Washington Commons. When you sign this form, you agree to the conditions set forth on the form as well as specific UW policies with regard to the service of alcohol. You are encouraged to carefully review all conditions on the form before you sign.

In section 10 on the permit under “Venue Operator” please enter “Napha Nammathao” in the name field and the email address as uwalumni@uw.edu.

Banquet Permit

Other Information

Please include any additional information we may need to know about your event.