Annual Giving

Director:  Walt Dryfoos

The Office of Annual Giving solicits alumni, friends, parents, faculty and students on behalf of the University of Washington. Gifts are counted as Annual Gifts if they meet the following criteria:

  • fiscal year giving totals less than $25,000
  • the gift is expected to be annually recurring
  • can be directed to any UW campus, school, college, unit or program
  • can be used for current operations, endowments, capital projects, deferred or in-kind gifts.

The funds raised by the Office of Annual Giving serve as the foundation for all University fundraising efforts. These collective gifts provide a stable and ever-increasing source of support to meet the needs of the University.

Solicitation Vehicles:

Student Calling Program
The Student Calling Program (SCP) plays an important role in the success of the Annual Giving Office’s fund-raising efforts on behalf of the University of Washington. Year-round, six days per week, UW student callers contact alumni on behalf of each campus, school, college, and program, asking for financial support for the UW. The SCP is responsible for raising over $1 million dollars from 15,000 alumni and friends on an annual basis. While the SCP is primarily focused on renewing and acquiring donors to the University, the Student Calling Program also provides many of the University’s constituents with their only direct communication with the UW. This can occur through phone solicitation, program surveys and stewardship calls.

Direct Mail Program
The University of Washington’s centralized Direct Mail program generates the majority of gifts into the Office of Annual Giving via a highly organized and complex matrix of personalized and individualized mail solicitations that are produced throughout the year. All solicitations are developed to address each prospective donor’s school, college affiliation and giving affinities. Of equal importance is the analysis of segmentation and test results, and collaboration with each school and college unit to design the most effective targeted approach. The Direct Mail program accounts for more than 50 percent of the dollars raised by the Office of Annual Giving.

Online Giving Program
The Online Giving Program plans and implements internet-based external communications and marketing programs to increase awareness and private support for the University of Washington. The Support UW website, created and maintained by the Online Giving Program, generates an increasing number of gifts each year and has proven to be an effective tool for donor acquisition and renewal. The program manager also offers expertise to Advancement units to enable online donations through school, college, program and department websites and e-newsletters. Secure online giving capabilities can be added to any UW website free of charge, courtesy of the Office of Annual Giving.

Special Solicitation Programs:

President’s Club
The President’s Club, our premier annual giving level, recognizes donors who give $2,000 or more during the fiscal year.  President’s Club levels are $2,000-$4,999, $5,000-$9,999, and $10,000 and more.  Gifts of all types, to any designation, count toward President’s Club recognition.

Reunion Giving Program
The purpose of the Reunion Giving program is to raise a significant financial contribution from each quinquennial reunion class to the University of Washington. This is accomplished by promoting increased participation and leadership gift upgrades through reunion-specific language in the central Annual Giving direct mail, phone and face-to-face solicitation efforts. Efforts with the 50th, 40th, and 25th reunions may also include a volunteer fundraising component and collaboration with reunion events managed by the Alumni Association.

Parent Giving Program
The Parent Giving Program focuses on soliciting parents of traditionally aged undergraduate students. Strategies include direct mail, phone, face-to-face solicitations, as well as recruiting a volunteer committee for handling peer solicitations. All appeals are managed in collaboration with the school and college units, with ancillary program activities coordinated with the Alumni Association and other existing parent/student programs. Parents are typically asked to support the UW Libraries programs, but are also encouraged to support any preferred campus, school, college, or program.

Senior Gift Program
The Senior Gift program endeavors to educate seniors about philanthropy and encourage their long-term financial support for the University of Washington. The program also focuses on raising the participation rate among seniors each year. The effort is led by volunteers from the senior class whose responsibilities include developing the marketing strategies for the class gift and hosting the Senior Class Kickoff Event during the Spring Quarter. The campaign takes place primarily during Spring Quarter and includes fundraising efforts through Student Calling, direct mail, the Kickoff event, on-line giving, and peer solicitation.

Contact Information
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