EPT Members, Leaders, and Sponsors

EPT Members

The following are the members, leaders, and sponsors of the Emergency Preparedness Team. Each individual volunteers his or her time to attend meetings and discuss workplace safety for all employees. As members of the team, these employees are also asked to complete First Aid & CPR certification, a goal which has been met by almost everyone.

Constance Bartlett
Jill Corrales
Linda Dodson
Ben Erickson
Kyle Estlick
Jessica Foss
Kilian Frey
Josh Glantz
Lauren Jackson
Lora LaVerdiere
Madolyne Lawson
Gillian Levine
Muzdah Malik
Lisa Marker
Monica McDonald
Kelly Miles
Napha Nammathao
Sumalee Oakley
Alicia Ruggles
Tara Warming
Patricia West
Junko Westling

EPT Leadership Team

Under the direction of the UA Executive Group, the EPT leadership team helps to make important decisions regarding emergency preparation and education. Each pledges to make safety a priority. They are:

Connie Bartlett, Finance & Administration

Muzdah Malik, Finance & Administration

EPT Sponsors and Executive Group

EPT is made possible through the sponsorship of the Advancement Executive Group:

Diane Canate
Christina Chang
Walt Dryfoos
Stephanie Doyle
Joanna Glickler
Mary Gresch
Lee Heck
Don Theophilus
Connie Kravas
Paul Rucker
Greg Sheridan
Lisa Thomas