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EPT Members, Leaders, and Sponsors

EPT Members

The following are the members, leaders, and sponsors of the Emergency Preparedness Team. Each individual volunteers his or her time to attend meetings and discuss workplace safety for all employees.

Gerberding 4th Floor – Lauren Jackson

Gerberding Basement – Linda Dodson

Gerberding Hall G2 – Kim Mapes, Anastasia Mendoza

Kane Hall – Lavina Joseph

RoCo 220 – Karin MellSkog

RoCo 360 – Andrew Palmer

Washington Commons S1 – Constance Bartlett, Krista Berg, Elaine Carpenter, Jessica Foss, Lora LaVerdiere, Lisa Marker, Cailean McWhorter, Kelly Miles, Tara Warming

Washington Commons S2 – Napha Nammathao, Alicia Flint, Erica Seibert,

Washington Commons S3 – Noel Daniel, Terry Grant, Laura Smales, Carolyn Smith

Washington Commons S4 – Ben Erickson, Greg Flanders, Lauren Lee, Chris Woodward

EPT Leadership Team

Under the direction of the UA Executive Group, the EPT leadership team helps to make important decisions regarding emergency preparation and education. Each pledges to make safety a priority. They are:

Connie Bartlett, Finance & Administration

Kelly Miles, Finance & Administration

EPT Sponsors and Executive Group

EPT is made possible through the sponsorship of the UA Executive Group:

Christina Chang
Stephanie Doyle
Walt Dryfoos
Joanna Glickler
Mary Gresch
Lee Heck
Connie Kravas
Dan Peterson
Paul Rucker
Don Theophilus
Lisa Thomas