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Ordering Supplies Guidelines

Office supplies are ordered using eProcurement, an online ordering system.  Features of eProcurement include outside UW approved vendor catalogs, and customer account management tools such as budget splitting, item searches,as well as workflow review and approval routing.Common use office supplies are paid for and ordered by F&A.  Common use office supplies for Gerberding Hall and the Tower are paid for by F&A, and ordered by the unit.  All other specialty items are paid for and ordered by the unit.

The Unit’s Role

Each central unit has an assigned eProcurement system “Preparer”. This is usually your unit’s administrator. A preparer is authorized to prepare and submit requisitions.  Preparers are configured to order up to a certain dollar amount ranging from $250 -$3,000.

F & A’s Role

F & A’s role in the eProcurement system is termed as “Approver”.  All requisitions submitted by the unit’s preparer stop at the approver before being submitted to the vendor.

Link to the eProcurement website:

Common Use Items

  • Common Use Items are paid for and ordered by F & A for the S-Building and Gerberding.  Please see below for “Examples of Common Use Items”.
  • F & A will maintain the S-1 supply room with common use items. In our inventory we have a large supply of paper clips, binder clips, hanging file folders, folders, notebooks, labels, etc.  For campus mail, we have a large supply of recycled (used envelopes). These are located in the S-1 Mailing area drawers.  Please check the supply area before ordering any of these items.
  • When purchasing common use items not found in the supply room or at Gerberding please order standard, inexpensive products.
      • Examples of Common Use items: Band Aids, Computer Cleaning Supplies, Envelopes, Glue sticks, Highlighters, Labels, Markers, Paper, Post-Its, Pins, Sponges, Staples, Tape, Remanufactured Toner for networked printers only and White-Out

When ordering common use items that are not located in the S-1 Copy Room, use the following budget information:

Budget #: 65-4401
Object: 0564
Task: 430
Option: 140
Project: 300700

Specialty Items (Unit Supplies)

  • Specialty items are specific to the need of an individual unit, and are charged to that unit’s budget.  These items may be purchased through eProcurement or through an outside vendor(s).
  • For example, pens costing more than $6.00 per dozen are considered a specialty item and are charged to the unit’s budget.
  • Specialty paper is charged to the unit budget.
  • Supplies dedicated to your unit alone and not shared with others will be a unit expense.  This includes supplies for dedicated printers, leased unit copy machines, mailings, events and other supplies to support your unit.

*Paper:  Copy paper is provided through our copy machine lease agreement with Creative Communications.  The paper should be delivered to the location (or close) to where the copy machine is located.  The amount delivered is determined by usage and if you are making an unusual amount of copies certain times of the year, let F&A know and we will contact the vendor.

Printer paper is used for individual or network printers and is a common use item. For the S-Building, Facilities will order this and it will be in the cabinets outside the S1 copy room. If you choose not to use the printer paper provided, it is a unit expense.

*Toner: Toner is considered a common use item when it is for a shared (networked, multi-unit) printer. F&A will cover the cost of toner for shared black and white (not color) printers, using Office Depot brand re-manufactured toner.

Contact Kelly Miles ( or Connie Bartlett ( with any questions or concerns!