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Policies & Procedures

The links below outline specific policies and procedures¬†related to University Advancement’s (UA) financial processes and transactions. They have been compiled into this format to provide an easier search mechanism for UA staff to utilize. Click HERE to download the full P&P.

The Finance Policies & Procedures PDF is best viewed in Adobe Reader.

Section Number and Title

  1. Finance Team Overview
  2. Financial Structure Overview
  3. UA Budget Structure and Coding
    1. Policy for Discretionary Funds’ Usage
  4. Object Code Descriptions
  5. Revenue Object Code Descriptions
  6. Project Cost Accounting Codes
    1. Option Codes List
  7. Locating UW Expense Documentation
  8. MyFinancial Desktop Procedure
  9. Budget Reporting in MIP
  10. Purchasing & Payment Methods
    1. UA Payment Training
  11. Procurement Card (ProCard)
    1. UA ProCard Training PowerPoint
  12. Individual Travel Card
    1. Accident & Insurance Information
    2. Car Rental & Insurance Information
  13. Central Travel Account (CTA)
  14. Reimbursements (Travel and Non-Travel)
    1. eReimbursements (XR)
    2. Travel Reimbursement (ER)
  15. Preferred Methods of Payment Matrix
  16. UW Credit Card FAQs

Quick Links to UW Central Office Websites

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