University Advancement Intranet

Presidential Correspondence Request

Advancement Communications writes, edits, and coordinates correspondence to various constituencies for the President’s signature. Requests for support originate in the Office of the President, the Office of the Vice President for UW Advancement, and fundraising units across the University. For example, an advancement officer may request a letter from the President to acknowledge an extraordinary gift or volunteer service, express condolences regarding the loss of a family member, congratulate a donor on the receipt of a prestigious award, or follow up on the President’s meeting with a key prospect. Our goal is to strategically build and maintain lifelong relationships with the community in order to advance the University’s fundraising efforts and mission.

If you need help with a letter from the President, you have the following options.

Option One: Single documents or letters to a small number of contacts

First, submit your draft to Kathy Burk.

1. View an example of a letter in the preferred draft format.
2. Follow the official correspondence style guidelines.
3. Refer to the sample letters below for help with messaging, if needed.

4. Send the completed draft via email attachment to

  • Be sure to provide the name and address of the addressee, the preferred salutation, the names of the individuals you want to receive copies, and any instructions or background information. The latter is used to prepare a cover memo for the President’s information.
  • Kathy Burk will edit/finalize the draft, coordinate the President’s approval, prepare the signature copy and envelopes, and forward the materials to the Office of the President for signature and mailing.
  • Regarding copies of the letters, cc’s are mailed directly by the Office of the President, and bc’s to Advancement staff are sent by Kathy as ReportWriter contact reports.

Second, ask Kathy Burk to draft the letter.

Send your request with complete details to or contact her at 206-616-6912. The draft will be emailed to you for review before forwarding to the President.

NOTE: Advancement Communications works closely with staff in the Stewardship and Donor Recognition program, which generates Laureate and Benefactor letters (see samples below) signed by the President and the Vice President for UW Advancement. Please direct questions regarding this correspondence to Diane Hart at or at 206-616-5570.

Option Two: Large mail-merged projects

Advancement officers who need help with projects that involve high-volume merged letters should contact Alanya Cannon, Director of Creative Services, Advancement Communications, at or 206-616-5535.