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Cold Calling 101

Current Sessions

Wednesday, May 13th and Thursday, May 15th, 2015. Email Kyle Estlick at to reserve your spot!


Are you new to cold calling? Is it something you avoid doing? You are not alone! In fact, many frontline fundraisers are intimidated by the idea of making cold calls. That is why the Student Calling Program would like to invite you and your colleagues to attend “Cold Calling 101!”

As a central service, the Student Calling Program has spent over 20 years developing trainings to better prepare callers to be concise and effective on the phones. We would like to invite anyone who is interested to attend this two-day training to discuss the fundamentals of calling, as well as to listen and learn directly from our most successful student callers as they make live solicitation phone calls. This training is aimed at providing the basic tips and tactics of making fundraising phone calls, and it will cover how those skills can be translated to the work of a frontline fundraiser. Some topics that will be covered include: engaging prospects in meaningful conversations in a timely manner, polite persistence, and staying motivated to make calls.

Listed below you will find the two-day outline of “Cold Calling 101.”  Notice will be sent out when the next sessions are scheduled.

Note:   On day 2, participants are to make calls to their own prospect list. This will require that a list of Advance Id’s be identified by your unit and sent to myself prior to the beginning of training. The longer this list is, the better, as our system is very efficient in cycling through calls. A list of at least 400 people is recommended to ensure enough calls to last through day 2’s practice.

Training Outline

Day 1,


Introductions (10 minutes)
Student Calling Overview & Basic Calling Training (PowerPoint presentation) (1hour)
Role Playing/Phase II Training (30 minutes)
Break (20 minutes)
Discussion (30 minutes)
Computer Training (30 minutes)
Break and/or Listen to Early Shift Callers


Student Callers Arrive at 5pm
Shift Announcements & Meet Student Trainer
“Telebuddy Training” (teamed up with a veteran student caller)

Day 2


Call own prospect list
Back to calling (Optional)
Evaluation of Training

An ideal training will have 4-6 participants and sign-up will be first come first serve.

To Reserve Your Spot

Email Kyle Estlick at

Full Contact Information

Kyle Estlick
Assistant Director- Student Calling
UW Tower- T1 (1st Floor) Box: 359504
4333 Brooklyn Ave NE. Seattle, WA 98195