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Staff Recognition

Value of Recognition

Excellence, creativity, generosity, and high standards are just a few of the characteristics in our teammates that we reward and recognize on a yearly basis by nominating our colleagues and celebrating those who are chosen to receive a Star Award or the prestigious Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award.

Advancement Star Awards

The annual peer-nominated and selected Advancement Star Awards give staff the opportunity to recognize those Advancement colleagues who excel in their work, provide extraordinary service beyond their basic job description, or demonstrate unusual resourcefulness, initiative, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

An Awards Nomination Committee, selected by the Vice President for University Advancement, receives nominations from staff until Monday, July 21st, 2014, then selects recipients based on the following criteria.

Performance:  Superior, sustained or special one-time contribution to the mission of Advancement.

Customer Service:  Responsiveness in delivering service to members, donors, colleagues or constituencies; going the extra mile.

Individual Skills: Enthusiasm, resourcefulness, initiative, innovation, creativity, leadership, bringing out the best in others.

Teamwork Skills:  Helping others, sharing knowledge/ideas, problem solving, contributing to a positive work environment.

High Standards:  Dedicated to advancing the highest standards in Advancement.

The awards are presented at Fiscal Fling, Advancement’s annual celebration of the completion of the fiscal year.

Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award for Excellence

Established in December 1999 in honor of Marilyn Batt Dunn, Vice President for UW Development from 1991 to 1999, the endowment is awarded to a staff member who exemplifies the high standard set by Marilyn during her years of service to the UW. Criteria for this award include demonstrated initiative, creativity, persistence, a spirit of teamwork, commitment, and substantive contributions to the overall goals of the University’s advancement effort. Recipients of this award are selected annually by the Star Award Committee based on peer nominations.

Past and Current Award Recipients

2016 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Irini Greyerbiehl, Prospect Management Strategist, Prospect Management, Research & Analytics
  • Megan Ingram, Assistant Dean for Advancement, School of Public Health
  • Kim Mapes, Executive Assistant to CMCO, Mary Gresch, University Marketing & Communications
  • Michelle O’Connor, Recruiter, Finance and Administration
  • Heather Hoeksema, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications, College of Engineering
  • Malik Davis, Assistant Director for Advancement, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Jamie Martin-Almy, Development Officer, UW Tacoma
  • Donor Relations Team (with special emphasis on calling-out the amazing work of Lynn Sullivan and Marsha Donaldson)

2016 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Anna O’Donnell, Director of Development, Burke Museum

2015 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Margot Barker
  • Michelle Bucholtz
  • Ben Erickson
  • Felicia Gonzalez
  • Teresa Marks
  • Louis Tam
  • Grant Twitchell
  • University Marketing & Communications Design Team

2015 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • David Iyall, Senior Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations, College of Engineering

 2014 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Emily Fondaw
  • Rachel Woods
  • Daniel Webb
  • Lauren Johnson
  • Glory Visario
  • Ben Morris
  • Bely Luu

2014 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Susan Hayes-McQueen, Director, Advancement Research and Relationship Management

 2013 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Advancement Communications Team
  • Gunnar Berg
  • Eric Lawson
  • Clara Peterson
  • Advancement Research and Relationship Management Team (ARRM)
  • Kerry MacDonald
  • Nanci Modolo

2013 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Jennifer Hazelbrook, Sr. Director for Strategic Planning and Campaign Operations, UW Medicine

2012 Advancement Star Awardees

  • The Arts & Sciences Marketing and Communication Team—Candice Douglass, Nancy Joseph, Shane Fricks, Chelsea Broeder, Jacob Lambert, Kendra Hall, and Jessica Carter
  • The “Love Purple Raise Gold” team—Beth Altman, Betsy Hauenstein, Elise Daniel, Danielle McGarrity, Wayne Gillam, Colin McClure, and Alanya Cannon
  • Jessica Foss, Interim Assistant to the AVP for Advancment Services, University Advancement
  • Chong-Yi Lucas, Associate Director of Human Resources, University Advancement
  • Jon Marmor, Director of Publications, Alumni Association
  • Joseph Sherman, Assistant Director for Advancement , College of Engineering

2012 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Jennifer Cohen, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

2011 Advancement Star Awardees

  • The Advance Conversion Team, Led by Jaime Bruton, and including Pat Govern, Shawn Drew, DaPeng Chen, Chris McEwen, Gunnar Berg, Lesley Reese, Mark Lanum, Michael Visaya, Nanci Modolo, Ben Morris, Susan Hayes-McQueen, Jessica Balsam, Sheila Thayer, Caitlin Mullock, Chris Sorensen, Joel Larson, and Lilith Lysistrata.
  • Polly Hunter, Arts & Sciences, Associate Director for Advancement, Social Sciences
  • Heather Hoeksema, Engineering, Director for Marketing & Communications
  • Machiko Gaston, Advancement Services, Assistant to the Associate Vice President
  • Remaliah (Maliah) Washington, Regional Giving, Advancement Services Officer
  • Joanna Glickler, UW Medicine, Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations

2011 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Stephanie Doyle, Assistant Vice President, Regional & International Giving

2010 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Courtney Acitelli, Assistant Director Alumni & Student Programs, UW Alumni Association
  • Meredith Wisti, Assistant to the AVP, Individual Giving Programs
  • Andrea Fleming, Assistant Director Constituent Relations, UW Alumni Association
  • Jennifer Hazelbrook, Director for Donor Relations, UW Medicine
  • Joel Larson, Institutional Advancement Reporting Manager, Advancement Services, Information Management
  • Mairead Reinhard, Marketing Communications Manager, College of Education
  • Mahnaz Sherzoi, Associate Director of Advancement, College of Engineering
  • Dynamic Social Work Dou (Greg Ross, Advancement Manager and Jee Young Kim, Assistant Director for Advancement)
  • Michelle Seman, Fiscal Specialist, Finance & Administration

2010 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Kristin Weinman, Advancement Assistant, College of Arts & Sciences

2009 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Advancement Move Team – Connie Bartlett, Julie Hill & Cynthia Lee, Finance and Administration
  • Carolyn Black – Director for Advancement, Social Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Christina Chang – Director for Finance & Administration, Finance & Administration
  • Elise Daniel – e-Communications Marketing Manager, UW Marketing
  • John Healy – Payroll Deduction Coordinator, Gift Processing
  • Judy Mahoney – Assistant Dean for Advancement, College of Engineering
  • Kelly Riutta – Research Strategist, Advancement Research & Relationship Management
  • Maria Crossman – Advancement Assistant, College of Education
  • Michael Plonski – Business Manager, Alumni Relations
  • Nancy Anderson – Campaign & Special Projects Manager, College of Engineering
  • Stephanie Cox – Assistant Dean for Advancement, School of Law

2009 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Shannon Kelly – Associate Director for Marketing & Strategic Programs, Intercollegiate Athletics

2008 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Aimee Manio – Human Resources Employment Manager, Finance and Administration
  • Alanya Cannon – Sr. Creative Mgr., Design and Production, UW Marketing
  • Brandyn Wilimovsky – Associate Director for Support Services, UW Medicine Advancement
  • Elaine Ethier – Director of Development for the Arts, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Karen Howard – Special Events Manager, College of EngineeringKimberly Isaac – Director of Development, School of Social Work
  • Kyle Funakoshi – Associate Director, Alumni & Student Programs
  • Lilith Lysistrata – Senior Computer Specialist
  • Samantha Ogle – Special Events Manager, Foster School of Business
  • Sheila Thayer – Relationship Management System Consultant, Advancement Research and Relationship Management
  • Sissy Bouchard – Associate Director, Principal Giving

2008 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Heather Abernathy, Associate Director for Advancement, Regional Giving

2007 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Carole Davison, Architecture, Assistant Director of Development
  • Stephanie Doyle, Regional Gifts, Director, Regional Gifts
  • Mary Ann Estrellado, Business School, Major Gifts Officer
  • Maria Tran,z Annual Giving, Assistant Director, Direct Mail
  • Andy Keehn, Business School, Director of Major Gifts
  • Nicole Klein, Regional Gifts, Development Services Officer
  • Mark Lanum, DRRM, Associate Director, Relationship Management
  • Ben Morris, Finance & Administration, Fiscal Specialist II
  • Pauline Ranieri, Alumni Relations, Director, UW Alumni Tours
  • Caroline Rosevear, UW Medicine Development, Development Specialist
  • Delia Ward, UW Medicine Development, Associate Director for Marketing and Communications

2007 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Jan Labyak, Principal Gifts, Director, Principal Gifts

2006 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Caroline Anderson, Assistant Vice President for Development UW Medicine
  • Holly Hill, Assistant Director, Stewardship & Donor Recognition
  • Judy Mahoney, Assistant Dean of Development & External Relations, Engineering
  • Suzanne Mercier, Events Manager, UW Alumni Association
  • Carolyn Wennblom, Director of Development, Architecture & Urban Planning
  • The Advance Updates Team, Records Management:
    • Charlie Hunter
    • Lisa Marker
    • Michael Dieterle

2006 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Dondi Cupp, Senior Director of Development for Sciences & Strategic Initiatives, College of Arts & Sciences

2005 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Camille DeSantis, Manager, Academic Programs, UWAA
  • Cristina Bailet, Acting Assistant Dean, UW Business School
  • Dottie Renda, Data Control Tech 3, Gift Policy Administration
  • Tracy Ostrem, Assistant Dean of Development, School of Nursing
  • Leslie Anderson, Executive Assistant, UW Tacoma

2005 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Michael Podlin, Assistant Dean for Development, College of Arts & Sciences

2004 Advancement Star Awardees

  • The Annual Giving Team:
    • Nancy Davis
    • Luke Determan
    • Renee Fricke
    • Maria Gonzalez
    • Ryan Hagg
    • Kim Johnson
    • Brigette Quichocho
    • Jeanne Thompson
    • Betsy Troutman
    • Glenn West
    • Jackie Owens, UW Medicine
    • Nicole Pargoff, Business School
    • Yoshiko Saheki, School of Law
    • Antoinette Wills, College of Arts and Sciences

2004 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Albert Thurmond, Deputy Director of Gift Planning

2003 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Anne Fitzmaurice Adams, Engineering
  • Advancement Services Communications Leadership Team:
  • Jackie Durbin
  • Shannon Kelley
  • Cheryl Nations
  • Kris Vosk, Business School
  • Lisa Werner, UWAA
  • Keeman Wong, UW Medicine

2003 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Lee Heck, Associate Director of Principal Gifts

2002 Advancement Star Awardees

  • David Chen, Information Management
  • Tom Griffin and Jon Marmor, UWAA
  • Susan Hayes-McQueen, Relationship Management
  • Pete Lasher, Business School
  • Leesa Schandel, UWAA and College of Arts and Sciences

2002 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Lisa Thomas, Director of Development Research and Relationship Management

2001 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Jarmila Abdullah-Wilkinson, Systems Analyst Programmer II, Information Management
  • Marilyn Montgomery, Assistant Vice President for Development (Gift Planning and Endowments) and Principal Gifts
  • Georgia Mosher, Assistant to the VP, Office of the Vice President
  • Michael Visaya, Associate Director, Information Management
  • UW Alumni Association Rose Bowl Team:
    • John Burkhardt
    • Gunn Cooper
    • Cathy Deckard
    • Joel Domingo
    • Mark Gallant
    • Tom Griffin
    • Jim Hughes
    • Aileen Kelly
    • Greg Lewis
    • Angelica Macklin
    • Jon Marmor
    • Lisa Werner

2001 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winner

  • Aileen Kelly, Director of Programs, Alumni Association

2000 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Heather Abernathy, Major Gift Officer
  • Lynne Becker, Assistant Vice President for Development Services
  • Marilla Satterwhite, Manager of Trust and Estates, Office for Planned Giving
  • Gift Processing and Records Management Team:
    • Liz Bergstraesser
    • Michel Cromwell
    • Vanessa Garcia
    • Nancy Gwin
    • John Healy
    • Lorelei Hoffman
    • Lisa Marker
    • Kozue Kawata
    • Josefa Martinez
    • Nanci Modolo
    • Pat Prophet
    • Sherry Rapport
    • Dottie Renda
    • Lola Rogers
    • Churai Sukvivatn
    • Zeny Zimmerman
    • Sandra Zuber-Bowers

2000 Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award Winners

  • Daiga Galins and Laurie Houck, Co-Directors, Major Gift Programs

1999 Advancement Star Awardees

  • Lisa Hayes, Assistant to the Executive Director, Medical Affairs Development
  • Zeny Zimmerman, Special Projects Lead, Gift Processing and Records Management
  • Information Management Advance Conversion Team:
    • Jarmila Abdullah-Wilkinson
    • Jaime Bruton
    • Wayne Combs
    • Jennifer Dirking
    • Shawn Drew
    • Chris McEwen
    • Jackie Owens
    • Ginny Patterson
    • Kenny Pierce
    • Jerry Sitser