Advancement Staff Recognition

The annual Star Awards and Marilyn Batt Dunn Endowed Award for Excellence recipients are selected each year from peer nominations prior to the Fiscal Fling celebration. All information about nominations, including the names of nominators, is kept confidential. Recognition of nominees will take place during the 2016 Fiscal Fling on August 12th. Submissions for 2016 were received by July 22 and are being considered for either the Star or MBD Awards.

Who May be Nominated

Star Awards:  Any advancement colleague is eligible for a Star Award except for those on the current nominating committee.

Marilyn Batt Dunn (MBD) Award:  The following are qualifying qualities of MBD Award nominees:

  • Nominees should show initiative, creativity, persistence, commitment, a spirit of teamwork and substantive contributions to the overall goals of the University’s advancement and alumni relations effort.
  • Recommended: Nominees should have at least five (5) years of service to University Advancement.
  • Past winners of the MBD award are ineligible for nomination. (However, star award winners from previous years ARE eligible for MBD Award nomination.)

Nomination Process

The process is simple. Think about those in Advancement who have had a real impact on your work this year. Who would you like to honor for their service, performance or knowledge? A co-worker? Someone from another campus unit? Someone who works off campus? Simply complete the online Staff Recognition Nomination Form and your nomination will automatically be submitted.  Again, that form will be released at the start of the nomination period.

You may submit multiple nominations for individuals, groups or units, but please complete a separate form for each distinct nomination. When completing the form, remember that the Awards Nomination Committee might not know your nominee. You will need to paint a vivid picture of that person, providing compelling reasons for your choice, and making sure your description reflects the suggested criteria. The more information you provide about your nominee, and the more people who concur with or reinforce your statements, the stronger the nomination. Your description may be in outline, paragraph or bullet points format.

Selection Process

The Awards Nomination Committee will review the nominations the week after the submission deadline (Monday, July 20th, 2015) and make their selections. Winners will be announced at the 2015 Advancement Fiscal Fling on August 12th, 2015.


The deadline for 2016 nominations was Friday, July 22nd.