University Advancement Intranet

Advancement Email Signature

Standard Advancement Email Signature Template

Copy and paste this template (from name through logo) into the signature tool in your email program, then replace the generic information with your own.

Your name (11pt, bold)
Your title (9pt)
Advancement Communications (9pt)

University Advancement (7.5pt, gray)
4333 Brooklyn Ave, NE, UW Tower S-4 (7.5pt, gray)
Box 359520, Seattle, WA 98195-9504 (7.5pt, gray) (office phone) mobile fax (7.5pt, gray) (7.5pt)

The recommended font is Calibri. If it is not available on your operating system, use Arial or Verdana.

Uploading Instructions (Mac, Outlook 2011)

  1. Go to Outlook > Preferences > Signatures.
  2. Give a name to your signature.
  3. Copy and paste the signature template above into the dialogue box.
  4. Customize the name, address, phone number, fax number, mobile number (not required), etc. for your needs.
  5. Note: You can add the UW signature graphic or your own departmental signature graphic by copying the graphic from your desktop and pasting it beneath the last line of your signature. If you create your own graphic, it needs to be 200 pixels wide by 16 pixels tall, and saved in a JPEG or GIF file format, in order to render correctly.

For more general instructions and directions for windows computers, please visit the Do It Yourself Email Signature page, compiled by University Marketing.