Alex Ichinoe, Information Management

We would like to send kudos to Alex Ichinoe in IM for going above and beyond on a data analysis project. As always, Alex was super thoughtful, thorough, and helped us get the right answer to a very complicated data question posed by a CAO. Thanks Alex!

– Lana Harvey, Cynthia Lee, and Jessica Balsam, Prospect Management, Research & Analytics

Karin Mellskog, Tradesmarks & Licensing

I would like to thank Karin Mellskog for the fabulous work she has done in 2015 in support for the UW License Plate program. This program directly benefits UW scholarships. Karin has created so much fun and excitement around the plates and we have seen a great increase because of her efforts. If you have any doubt about the success of Karin’s efforts, feel the excitement at UWHuskyPlates on Facebook!

– Kathy Hoggan, Trademarks & Licensing

Justin Williams, Information Management

Big thanks to Justin Williams for uploading a LOT of current students into ADVANCE this week! He not only created a huge number of new records with very few errors; he also wrote a great and understandable summary of the project, on which he very courteously copied the ATS updates team. Justin, thank you for your hard work and for being so helpful.

– Lesley Reece, ATS