Alanna McAuley, Lauren McKnight, Kathleen Swenson, and Jayme Tedrick

Alanna McAuley and Lauren McKnight, Vice-President’s Office, Kathleen Swenson, Individual Giving, Angela Hsieh and Jayme Tedrick, Regional Advancement

Thank you to my fellow admin friends for always being so incredibly helpful! Whether I need some last minute brand swag, recommendations for catering, or guidance on finding a meeting space on campus – they are always there to help. Thank you for being patient with my endless questions.

– Gillian Levine, Corporate & Foundation Relations

Jax Jackson, Campaign, and Jessica Foss, Advancement Services

Jax has been our primary UA Consolidated Calendar updater for the last several months, and Jessica is her backup. Between them they receive all of your Requests to update the calendar with your staff meetings and roundtables, alumni and donor events, and other shared calendar notices for the good of the order, and add them to the calendar brought to you in our intranet site. This is an invisible volunteer task that is provided for in no one’s job description – but they have stepped up and provided that service for us all. Thank you Jax and Jessica!

Karine Raetzloff, Advancement Services

I want to thank Karine for helping ATS out during the month of June (and a bit) with a big project that entailed ascertaining ALL of the current Advancement staff (not as easy as you’d think it should be) and compiling a list of them to be used by Nebula. In addition she added so much value by also helping to analyze our whole collection of access groups and Nebula folders, and making suggestions for eliminating unneeded ones and consolidating redundancies. Thanks so much, Karine!

– Chris McEwen, Advancement Training & Support

Staff Recognition Nominations Open!

Getting ready for Fiscal Fling, our annual celebration of both collective and individual achievements toward advancing the University of Washington, means reflecting on your colleagues who are doing a great job and possibly even nominating some of them for one of the annual awards. The Star Award and the Marilyn Batt Dunn (MBD) Award  are ways that we recognize outstanding work, team collaboration, goals reached and unique contributions. Read about the awards, and nominate your colleagues!

Luis Ballesteros, Info. Management, ATS

There’s been a thing in ATS for the last year or more called “The Clump.” The Clump was an identified set of over 300 pairs of duplicates in Advance. Gradually over the last year the duplicates in The Clump have been reduced, but it’s laborious work, and the number wasn’t reducing very quickly at all. Then Luis started working on the Updates team a few months ago. Due to Luis’s steady persistence, as of this morning, The Clump is a thing of the past! We still have duplicates, but we also have better and faster ways of resolving them, and an expert duplicate resolver on the job. Thanks, Luis. And thanks to Lisa Marker and Lesley Reece who were also instrumental in getting the Advance duplicate resolution process to work, and who have also been working hard at resolving The Clump.

– Chris McEwen
Info. Management, ATS