Distinguished Staff Award Nominations Now Open

Nominations for the UW’s Distinguished Staff Award are now open. “The Distinguished Staff Award honors staff members who bring excellence and innovation to their work every day. Last year’s awardees included a team of research scientists inventing a revolutionary treatment for kidney stones, a meal host who captivates patients with his illustrations and drawings, an assistant director who tirelessly mentors undergraduates and other professionals, and other UW staff that make a difference every day. We honor and congratulate them!”

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Connie Bartlett, F&A

Kudos to Connie Bartlett for helping with F&A’s cubicle build-outs this week—what would we do without our own Connie B.? She is the modernized Serenity Prayer in Action: Connie accepts the (few) things she cannot change, has the courage (and drill-sergeant skills) to change the things she can, and the wisdom to know the difference. We so appreciate you getting our area in tip-top shape! Thank you!

Michelle O., Kevin C., Aimee, H., Chong Yi L., Christina C., F&A