Adam Hill, F&A

We would like to give a big KUDOS to Adam Hill in F&A for his expertise, patience, and thoroughness in guiding us to better navigate our financial systems, especially when it comes to being more efficient in approving e-reimbursements. Adam is always ready and willing to answer our questions, no matter how big or small, in the most prompt and comprehensible way. Thank you, Adam! We are most grateful!

Stephanie Doyle and Angela Hsieh, Regional & International Giving

Adam Hill, F&A, and the F&A Team

I would like send a big THANK YOU over to the F&A team, esp. Adam Hill! – For all their expertise, patience, and thoroughness in explaining accounts, budgets, and all those in-betweens. Thanks for letting me pop in (on a daily basis) to figure out numbers together.

Vira Danh, Alumni and Constituency