Annual Giving Team

I’d like to thank all of the AG team – Katie Harkins, Betsy Hauenstein, Ellie Hahn, Alli Moran, Kyle Estlick, and all the student callers and volunteers, for their immense support during this year’s senior class gift campaign. On the Seattle campus alone, we raised $64.880.52 in gifts and pledges, $49,820 of which is direct support for the Class of 2013 Mental Wellness Fund. The chair, Tanya Chan, and vice-chair, Jessica Lawson, will be presenting the amount at tomorrow’s commencement ceremony. Also, next week, the students and I will present the amount to Ellen Taylor, the director of the counseling center. Congratulations to all graduating seniors!!

Monica McDonald, Annual Giving

Napha Nammathao, ACR

Kudos to Napha Nammathao because she always greets people with such a friendly smile, and she does a lot of things that go under the radar. She’s the best!

Allison Moran, Annual Giving

Major kudos to Napha Nammathao. She has really pulled through at the last minute with Guardians of the Gonfalons and I am SO GREATFUL! She is simply amazing. Thanks, Napha!

Molly Whitlock, ACR

Mike Visaya & Ryan Hagg, STI

Kudos to Mike Visaya and Ryan Haag for their quick work in putting together a new alumni update page that better captures international data in time for my China trip! And inputs into Advance through HYDRA! A double data win!

Ray Li, Regional and International Giving

Lauren Johnson, ACR

Kudos to Lauren Johnson for her help with budget coding this week. Despite her new role, she was always willing to help me unravel the mysteries I was encountering and I couldn’t be more grateful for all that she did! Thanks, Lauren!

Molly Whitlock, ACR

Adam Hill, F&A

We would like to give a big KUDOS to Adam Hill in F&A for his expertise, patience, and thoroughness in guiding us to better navigate our financial systems, especially when it comes to being more efficient in approving e-reimbursements. Adam is always ready and willing to answer our questions, no matter how big or small, in the most prompt and comprehensible way. Thank you, Adam! We are most grateful!

Stephanie Doyle and Angela Hsieh, Regional & International Giving