Tuan Vo, Louis Tam and Nick Lam, Information Management

I want to specially commend Tuan Vo, Louis Tam and Nick Lam, for the work they did to undertake and complete the Public Records database, application and file storage migration, which came to completion Wednesday this week. This was a very clean and smooth process and the team operated as a well-oiled machine.

-Chris McEwen, Information Management 

Jenny Acevedo-Barga, Judah Altaras, Ryan Grant and Ryan Hagg, Information Management

MAJOR kudos to Jenny, Judah, Ryan G and Ryan H for their most excellent work on More Purple. The microsite was beautiful, the ticker was so much fun to watch, and they busted out an entirely new capability to track individual school’s matching challenges. Beyond that, Jenny went above and beyond helping finalize the More Purple logo, create graphics, facebook cover photos and avatars. You all are so fantastic to work with, we can’t thank you enough!

-Betsy Hauenstein & Ande Peterson, Annual Giving

Brent Ciesliga, Information Management

I’m thankful for the smart, kind, and patient support Brent provides in setting up new equipment while educating users up to speed. Thank you, Brent, for being so generous with your time, resourceful and savvy in solving problems, and of great good humor!

Kim Johnson-Bogart, CFR

Napha Nammathao, Alumni & Constituent Relations

I want to thank you Napha for support with the DAVA selection committee meeting.  From the use of your pro-card..to the set-up of Dave Stone’s computer and walking to the loading dock to meet our lunch order.  You seem to get it all done. I’m grateful to have you as my co-worker!

Ellen Sweeney-Clawson, Alumni & Constituent Relations