Brent Ciesliga, ATS & Louis Tam, Network Team

These two are true rock stars! The amount of patience and kindness they dispense every day is on the superhero level. No matter the question, these experts will do their utmost to answer it in layman’s terms, while offering jokes along the way. They always make the experience more fun and I truly cannot thank them enough for what they do for me and all of UA!

– Leslie Anderson, Principal Giving

Ariana Rivera & Joycie Yu, Updates Team in DMATS

Kudos to Ariana Rivera and Joycie Yu, who have been working with the Updates team all summer! Their willingness to take on different data cleanup projects (and get through them amazingly fast) has made a huge difference, not to mention their day-to-day help with updates requests received and processed. Thank you so much!

– Lisa Marker, DMATS (Data Management and Advancement Training & Support)

Jayme Jack, Regional Advancement

Jayme is always an incredible team player but this week, she was especially so in helping me pack and ship materials for the 20 (!) football viewing party sites. I couldn’t have finished this large project without her extra set of hands and willingness to get
pompom debris on everything. Thank you, JJ!!

– Catrina Dagostino

2016 Fiscal Fling Committee

This year’s Fiscal Fling Committee did a great job and we’d like to thank all of them for taking on the olympic task of creating a fun-filled party for all of us – thank you!

  • Sarah Egan
  • David Houk
  • Jennifer Langston
  • Savannah Ledgerwood
  • Cailean McWhorter
  • Courtney Seely
  • Guy Schoonmaker
  • Maya Trachtenberg
  • Vuong Tran