Chris McEwen, ATS & Barron Cato, PMRA

Kudos to Chris McEwen and Barron Cato for jumping in at the very (and I mean VERY) last minute to participate in the ‘Planning a Killer Event’ panel discussion at this year’s Engagement Summer Session. They provided interesting and useful insight into managing event data, migrating to Cvent, and modeling and analytics for event data. Without their contribution the ‘data’ portion of this presentation would have surely devolved into 30 minutes of me grumbling about ADVANCE.

– Mike Visaya, Information Management (Advancement Services)

Export+ Team, Information Management

Kudos to the Export+ team for all of their hard work leading up to the beta launch of this excellent new Reportal list download tool. Special thanks to Jenny Acevedo-Barga, Dapeng Chen, Alex Ichinoe, Sarah Maloy, and Daranee Oakley for their creativity and expertise in turning so many great ideas into a practical and intuitive solution.

– Mike Visaya, Information Management

Kerry MacDonald, ACR Marketing & Communications

Kerry has been wearing a couple of big hats during the search for a new Traffic Coordinator. Not only has she kept the ship moving smoothly, Kerry has managed to launch a new project management software program while being stretched a bit thin. The ASE team appreciates all that you do Kerry – thank you!

– Johnathan Luster, Alumni and Student Engagement Team (UWAA/ACR)

Gift Services Team

Thank you to the Gift Services team for the thorough cleaning of the S1 staff refrigerators this week. The team performed this task, with humor and grace, as they found items with 2014 and 2015 expiration dates, but now the fridges are sparkly clean – kudos to the team!

– UA staff on the S1/T1 floor

Marcella Flores, Alumni & Constituent Relations

After months of planning, Marcella Flores launched our first ever program for alumni with children. Nearly 100 people joined us on campus last week for The College Search Process Seminar to learn more about the college search process from university experts. The bar has been set high by Marcella for programs in this new area!

– Johnathan Luster, Alumni & Constituent Relations

Beth Altman, Information Management

Special thanks to Beth for keeping the Reporting Team afloat with Alex Ichinoe out on leave. The team kept up with ad hoc requests, took on some big fiscal year-end projects, and even managed to roll out new Tableau-based Campaign Progress Reports during this very busy two week stretch.

– Michael Visaya, Information Management

Louis Tam, Information Management

Thanks to Louis Tam, our training program can make Frontline Fundraiser trainings available for UA staff in the Canvas Course, FLF Training Library. If a fundraiser didn’t get hired until a week after the awesome training, or they were sick on the training day, or couldn’t make the trip from Bothell or Tacoma – or if they live on the east coast – they can still take advantage of the great professional development opportunities that Michele Norris or other UA staff thoughtfully curate. Along with Louis’s system administration skill, Louis brings past experience with videography to Advancement and generously contributes his expertise to making our training offerings richer and more available. Thank you, Louis!

– Chris McEwen, Information Management