Donor Services and STI

“Wearing my donor hat, I want to thank everyone who made MyUWGiving possible. Derek and I did our tax return over the weekend and having a single printable gift receipt available from there was AWESOME!”

Chris McEwen, Information Management

Ben Morris, Gift Processing

Kudos to Ben for taking my repeated calls about updates/changes to funds and very patiently explaining the relationship between parent budgets and sub-budgets. You make everyone’s life so much easier, so thank you!!

-Allison Young, UW Bothell

Chris McEwen and Lesley Reece, Information Management

“Kudos to Chris and Lesley on the ATS team. We have been welcoming a ton of new fundraisers and fundraiser support staff over the last two weeks, and Chris and Lesley have been awesome partners with us to train each one of them individually at their desks wherever those desks may be! Three cheers for getting our fundraisers off on the right foot as we kick off the campaign!”

-The Relationship Management team (Jessica Balsam, Irini Greyerbiehl, Cynthia Lee, Krista Seabrook, Greg Toledo)

Kerry MacDonald, Alumni and Constituent Relations

Kerry has been knocking it out of the park not only with the increasing demands of the regular business flow, but also with the Fight Hunger Bowl marketing pieces. The success of our communications is due mainly to her leadership and hard work on this project and her contributions, expertise, and customer service have been invaluable. Way to go, Kerry!

Liani Swingle, Alumni and Constituent Relations