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January 6, 2017

Lisa Vargas & Amber Valenzuela, ATS

I took CVent training this week from Lisa and Amber. They did a tremendous job of making a very complex tool useful and working with a variety of users to understand the different ways we all use events. Great job and thank you! – Susan Hayes-McQueen, PMRA

December 27, 2016

F&A Facilities & Tower Facilities Mgt. Teams

When the alarm on the S2/C2 door went rogue into a constant screeching state, those of us near this door had to retreat to maintain our sanity. The F&A Facilities and Tower teams responded incredibly fast and solved the problem within minutes onsite; the resulting silence was glorious. Thank you! – Johnathan Luster, Alumni &…

Sheila McClung, UMAC

Big kudos to Sheila for accomodating my event-related inquiry/request on such short notice and with such care! She made it very easy to find what I needed for a donor and I am so grateful! Thank you Sheila! – Angela, Hsieh, Regional Advancement

November 23, 2016

Ana Mari Cauce, UW President

Kudos to our University of Washington President, Ana Mari Cauce, for her reassuring messages since the results of our election last week. Ana Mari’s straightforward and candid statements have provided a source of encouragement, strength, and resolve at a tenuous time. With her strong leadership, I am hopeful and especially proud to work for and…

November 18, 2016

Dennis Wise, Mark Stone, Alanya Canyon, and Lavina Joseph, UMAC

Shout-out to the UMAC photography team! Those beautiful photos you see on the UW’s Facebook page, like the purple Drumheller Fountain pic, are brought to you by Dennis Wise and Mark Stone. They not only do a beautiful job of finding great shots and framing them nicely, but they also deliver them to me super-fast…

October 28, 2016

Ryan Boyce, Erin Bailey-Sun, & Nicky Howard, ACR

The Alumni Relations team is well-deserving of some major kudos – they pulled off a 50th Reunion, MAP Breakfast, and Dawg Dash all in one weekend! – Johnathan Luster and Terri Hiroshima, Alumni & Constituent Relations

October 21, 2016

Brent Ciesliga, ATS & Louis Tam, Network Team

These two are true rock stars! The amount of patience and kindness they dispense every day is on the superhero level. No matter the question, these experts will do their utmost to answer it in layman’s terms, while offering jokes along the way. They always make the experience more fun and I truly cannot thank…

October 14, 2016

Jessica Foss, Advancement Services

Kudos to Jess Foss for leading her team on the recent S1 cube swaps these last few weeks – there were 17 moves! Jess is a tremendous team player. Her sense of humor and attention to details made everything go smoothly! Thank you – Kelly Miles, Finance & Administration

September 30, 2016

Annie Alldredge, UMAC Events Team

Kudos to Annie Alldredge for being named UMAC’s Interim Director of Events. She’s done a terrific job guiding the team into a busy fall season, with more great things to come. Congratulations Annie! – Bryan Daisley, UMAC

September 23, 2016

Michele Locatelli & Ben Erickson, Alumni & Constituent Relations

Michele and Ben came to F&A’s aid this week with a rush request for some quick design work. Thank you very much for your grace, style, and help in accommodating our request! – Kelly Miles, F&A

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