Brent Ciesliga, Information Management

I’m thankful for the smart, kind, and patient support Brent provides in setting up new equipment while educating users up to speed. Thank you, Brent, for being so generous with your time, resourceful and savvy in solving problems, and of great good humor!

Kim Johnson-Bogart, CFR

Napha Nammathao, Alumni & Constituent Relations

I want to thank you Napha for support with the DAVA selection committee meeting.  From the use of your the set-up of Dave Stone’s computer and walking to the loading dock to meet our lunch order.  You seem to get it all done. I’m grateful to have you as my co-worker!

Ellen Sweeney-Clawson, Alumni & Constituent Relations

Louis Tam, Information Management

Kudos and thanks, Louis, for assisting Gift Processing on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  We were having problems with the production printer repeatedly jamming.  You saved the day through effective troubleshooting, cleaning, repair, and generally going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the printer was fixed and up and running before the next day’s receipts job ran.

-Nancy Gwin, Gift Processing

Allison Young, UW Bothell

“Alli has done a great job of gathering Bothell’s constituent data so it can go into Advance. She contacted us to get specifics and then just ran with it! Now we’ve got data for a whole lot of events that would otherwise have been forgotten. Thank you, Alli!”

-Lesley Reece, Information Management