Marcie Hinthorne, Planned Giving

Kudos to Marcie Hinthorne for her assistance with a UWAA Reunion Volunteer who was having issues parking in the Tower Garage.  Marcie, your level of service was outstanding and I so appreciate your willingness to help the volunteer and escort her to the Commons.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Molly Whitlock, ACR

Annie Alldredge, Andrea Callis, Paul Rucker, Ellen Sweeney-Clawson, Duncan Robinson, Tomitha Blake, Sheryl Stiefel

This was such a great team for Dawg Days in the Desert. Thanks so much to everyone in this group for executing a wonderful week of events that impressed and entertained our alumni the desert. Our efforts made a very positive impression on our partners and constituents and I couldn’t have asked to work with a better team.

Liani Swingle, ACR

Allison Cloud, ACR

Allison built herself quite a fan club among UW alumni in Palm Desert. Her good attitude, excellent responsiveness and efforts in streamlining the registration process for Dawg Days in the Desert is appreciated by the UWAA and by all of the alumni customers she worked with. Great work, Allison!

Liani Swingle, ACR

Napha Nammathao, ACR

Napha was instrumental in helping out with efforts to prepare for Dawg Days in the Desert! Her great work preparing name tags, answering customer questions, shipping supplies and helping us all stay in good spirits were much needed. Thanks, Napha!

Liani Swingle, ACR

Andrea Callis, Monica McDonald, Katie Harkins, Lauren Johnson, Glenna Chang, Suzanne Mercier, Tomitha Blake and Amanda Lobsinger

“The Parent and Family Program’s event Husky Parents 101…is an outstanding collaborative effort with academic and administrative leadership from across campus and a full-capacity parent audience. What a great program for parents!  But perhaps less noticed by this audience was the fantastic turnout of your University Advancement team members, each of whom volunteered their Saturday morning to contribute to this emerging new UW initiative.  These folks are just great. They captained tables, checked-in parents, worked the room and shared the message that we care for the sons and daughters of those in attendance.  It never ceases to amaze me the generous spirit of our team members — rain or shine, any day of the week…..kudos to each of them”

-Paul Rucker, Alumni & Constituent Relations

Kathleen Swensen, IGP

Thank you Kathleen for always helping me out last minute when I need you! She has been such a huge help with the Task Force meetings and she’s always willing to give a helping hand. You rock!

-Lauren Jackson, Campaign

Ben Morris, Gift Processing

“BIG Kudos to Ben for being willing to help and troubleshoot all of our gift processing questions!  Ben is always so prompt and friendly in answering our inquiries and extremely patient and thorough in his explanation.  We are so grateful for all that you do!  Thank you!”

Angela Hsieh & Eryn Boyles Ilk, Regional Advancement

Donor Services and STI

“Wearing my donor hat, I want to thank everyone who made MyUWGiving possible. Derek and I did our tax return over the weekend and having a single printable gift receipt available from there was AWESOME!”

Chris McEwen, Information Management