If there was a turkey large enough to feed the UMAC team for their tireless and dedicated work on making “UW in Shanghai” a success, I’d bake it (or deep fry it) and serve it to each and everyone on the team.  From web updates, creative designs (of all sorts of crazy things), last minute changes, figuring out what Chinese words go where, creating content, driving strategy, shipping, guiding messaging, emails (and more emails), galvanizing media and above all, making UW look good in China…UMAC was there (and is still there) at every turn.  And an extra special KUDO to Jennifer Johnston for her unwavering commitment to making sure all the parts and pieces came together before we all took off on the plane.  Thank you.

– Ray Li, Regional & International Advancement

Technology Service Lead Search Team: ATS Team, and Guest Interviewers, Patricia West, Nancy Gwin, Lora LaVerdiere, and Loc Dao (F&A)

The whole group:  Louis Tam, Brent Ciesliga, Lesley Reece, Luis Ballesteros, Lisa Marker, Carrie Danielson (Members of Advance Training & Support ), and Guest Interviewers, Patricia West (Annual Giving), Nancy Gwin (Gift Services), Lora LaVerdiere (PMRA), and Loc Dao (F&A) –

You all put together a wonderful array of interview questions, provided the candidates and each other a positive interview experience, and gave me invaluable insight for making the right hire. Thanks for a smooth and collaborative search process!

– Chris McEwen, ATS

F&A Team

I am thankful for our incredible team over in F&A. They don’t get the attention they deserve for keeping this hulk of a building working well for all of us. It isn’t easy, but you make it look like it is.

– Susan Hayes-McQueen, PMRA


I am thankful—always—of team PMRA. Great colleagues to work with, always looking for better information to help fundraisers/staff, always curious, and always smart. Thank you for a year full of wonder and knowledge.

– Susan Hayes-McQueen, PMRA

Alanna McAuley, Lauren McKnight, Kathleen Swenson, and Jayme Tedrick

Alanna McAuley and Lauren McKnight, Vice-President’s Office, Kathleen Swenson, Individual Giving, Angela Hsieh and Jayme Tedrick, Regional Advancement

Thank you to my fellow admin friends for always being so incredibly helpful! Whether I need some last minute brand swag, recommendations for catering, or guidance on finding a meeting space on campus – they are always there to help. Thank you for being patient with my endless questions.

– Gillian Levine, Corporate & Foundation Relations

Jax Jackson, Campaign, and Jessica Foss, Advancement Services

Jax has been our primary UA Consolidated Calendar updater for the last several months, and Jessica is her backup. Between them they receive all of your Requests to update the calendar with your staff meetings and roundtables, alumni and donor events, and other shared calendar notices for the good of the order, and add them to the calendar brought to you in our intranet site. This is an invisible volunteer task that is provided for in no one’s job description – but they have stepped up and provided that service for us all. Thank you Jax and Jessica!