To a Bunch of Awesome People

A HUGE like 37 box huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped Direct Mail fold this year’s President’s Club brochures. Special shout outs to: Lynn Sullivan, Emily Fondaw, Jenny Acevedo-Barga, Brent Ciesliga, Diane Hart, Patricia West, Ellie Hahn, Chantel Allbee, Adina Johnson, Lauren Olsen, Tara Warming, Ellen Whitlock Baker, Anne-Catherine Briand-Fortin, Kansas Harvey and many wonderful student callers! It takes a village people! Y’all are rock stars.”

-Betsy Hauenstein, Annual Giving 

Lilith Lysistrata, Information Management

When Lilith heard that I was having trouble with a giant Excel file, she offered to help me work with the data in Access, which I wasn’t very skilled at. Lilith patiently showed me how to build all the tables and queries, and answered follow-up questions by email. She saved me hours – if not days – of time and frustration, and I’ve already used the skills she taught me to work with similar files for another project. Thanks Lilith!

-Rebecca Schwartz, Advancement Training & Support

Tuan Vo, Louis Tam and Nick Lam, Information Management

I want to specially commend Tuan Vo, Louis Tam and Nick Lam, for the work they did to undertake and complete the Public Records database, application and file storage migration, which came to completion Wednesday this week. This was a very clean and smooth process and the team operated as a well-oiled machine.

-Chris McEwen, Information Management