Matt Wastradowski, ACR

“Kudos to Matt who even up to the last minute is thinking of others and finishing as many projects as he can before departs for OHSU’s Knight Cancer Institute. Thank you Matt for continually going above and beyond on all of my projects. You’ve really made an impact here at UWAA and will be missed. OHSU is very lucky to have you.”

Lauren Johnson, ACR

Lora LaVerdiere, ARRM

“Lora utilized her expert knowledge of eProcurement to fulfill a request from my supervisor to order computer equipment.  Without her I would have been fumbling around for days.  She took care of my request in moments.  Lora is awesome!!!”

-Leslie Anderson, Principal Giving

Barron Cato, ARRM

“Kudos for his for his expertise in all things Access and data collection.Barron and I have been hard at work pulling data for a high level request. We talked the project through, bounced ideas off one another and in the end wound up with the finished product in no time in a workable and easy to manipulate format.  Barron is truly a gem and a great colleague to work with!”

Leslie Anderson, Principal Giving

Ben Morris, Gift Processing

“Ben Morris remains a great partner in ensuring our gift processing and business standards are met. I am appreciative of his work with our dedicated UW rugby team alumni as they plan their annual fundraising event for the program. Thank you, Ben, for being a strong problem solver and for meeting our volunteers’ needs so seamlessly.”

Andrea Callis, Advancement Communications

Lesley Reece, Information Management

“Thank you so much for the hard work and diligence in your creation and data input for the numerous activity codes I sent to you in the last week or so.  Your speediness has allowed us to meet the deadlines set out by the high level request we received. I sincerely appreciate you!”

Leslie Anderson, Principal Giving