Ben Morris, Gift Processing

“Ben Morris remains a great partner in ensuring our gift processing and business standards are met. I am appreciative of his work with our dedicated UW rugby team alumni as they plan their annual fundraising event for the program. Thank you, Ben, for being a strong problem solver and for meeting our volunteers’ needs so seamlessly.”

Andrea Callis, Advancement Communications

Lesley Reece, Information Management

“Thank you so much for the hard work and diligence in your creation and data input for the numerous activity codes I sent to you in the last week or so.  Your speediness has allowed us to meet the deadlines set out by the high level request we received. I sincerely appreciate you!”

Leslie Anderson, Principal Giving

Tuan Vo and Louis Tam, Informational Management

“It would not be a stretch to say that Tuan Vo and Louis Tam are some of the greatest guys in the biz. In any biz. They are smart, so smart, when it comes to information systems. They might be the most pleasant people in the office I see every day. Thank you Louis for helping me with my passwords and memory. Thank you Tuan for being so helpful about our network outage last week. You know, that outage that you warned me about in a previous email that I neglected to read. But you never mentioned that part. Kudos to the both of you, and while I’m at it, kudos to Chris McEwen for hiring you.”

-Daranee Oakley, Information Management

Kerry MacDonald, Jen Weiss, Taylor White, Ben Erickson and Michele Locatelli, Alumni & Constituent Relations

“Kudos to everyone who helped launch (and market) the UWAA member app! It’s a tremendous product, one that members and alumni alike will enjoy, and those involved should be proud of the work they’ve done. It wasn’t always smooth, but everyone kept their eyes on the ultimate goal, and it paid off with a successful launch day and a great app!”

-Matt Wastradowski, ACR

Felicia Gonzalez, Arts and Sciences

“Felicia graciously spent time with me last week to discuss a particular foundation, ways to engage them, and other ideas for moving forward a faculty member’s research agenda. A HUGE thank you to Felicia for her time, effort and warm collegiality.”

-Elizabeth O’Shea, Public Affairs

Allison (Moran) Young + The Student Calling Team

Alli and her Student Calling team have been amazing partners in helping the Engineering discovery officers make the most of our cold calls and event turnout efforts. Alli’s positivity and careful consideration of our needs creates an experience that makes our days in the tower a TON of FUN and super productive. Thanks Alli + team for uploading our lists, making time for our questions and making our time spent cold calling a rewarding experience!

Two words: STAR Award! 

-Katie Frisbie Bunten and the “Engineering Disco Team”