University Advancement Intranet

Glossary of Terms

Below are definitions for terminology used in the Case for Support toolkit.


Beneficiaries Those who will receive funds and benefit because of efforts

Buy-in Feedback leading to approval from a stakeholder

Campaign A time-limited fundraising effort to raise a specific amount of funds for a specific purpose

Case for Support The core document that sits at the center of your plan and strategy for a specific fundraising effort

Direct mail Post-marked material sent to a prospect or supporter

Draft case The “unfinished” version of the public case

Engagement The stakeholder’s involvement in the case for support

Expression The physical or electronic way you present or share your case for support

External stakeholders Individuals outside the organization that have interest or concern invested in project

General case A concise illustration of why the non-profit’s mission is important, making it clear the necessary support of donors

Internal case A document that stays within the organization and does not have to be professionally printed and presented

Internal stakeholders Individuals within the organization who have interest or concern invested in the project

Major donors A donor whose capacity to give is beyond that of an average donor

Major gift campaigns Fundraising effort targeted at larger amounts of capital

Mission/Purpose The values and goals of an organization

Potential donors Those who have not yet given to the organization but have the affiliation, interest and the capacity to give

Public case A case for support not directed at an individual or specific group

Quiet phase The period of time before a major campaign begins