University Advancement Intranet

Advancement Signature Logo System

In support of the University’s effort to define a distinct and consistent identity system, this suite of tools will help to solidify UW Advancement’s brand identity. The block W has been updated to include a wordmark lock up (a wordmark that is combined with the block W to form a signature) that is flexible for use in a wide range of communication media.

2 Color Logo

This system should be used in all of your communications. Advancement Communications is available to consult if needed. Using this system helps to build the reputation and recognition of the University of Washington.

Resources for Advancement

Order UW Business Products

Use the links below to order W-style business cards, envelopes, and other paper products, campus products such as maps and nametags, and traditional seal-style envelopes, business cards and letterheads.

General Logo System Guidelines

Before using the new Advancement logos, please review the guidelines. They provide specific details on how the University‚Äôs Signature Logo System works, including the do’s and dont’s for using the graphic files in the art pack located above. These guidelines can be found on the University Brand Guidelines website.


Lisa Robbins
Assistant Director of Design
UW Advancement Communications