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Columns Magazine Photo Submission Guidelines
General guidelines for submitting photos to the Columns Magazine UW Foundation Spread for Out and About Photos.

Planned Giving Advertisements
These planned giving ad templates (for both print and online use) can be used as-is or can be customized to meet your unit’s individual needs and audience.

UW Color Palette
This printable, downloadable palette contains color builds for recommended, on-brand UW Colors in a variety of media, including print, web, PowerPoint, e-newsletter, Columns magazine, and UWTV.

Print Production Terminology
This glossary of common print production terms are intended to improve ease of communication with  Dawg Prints and UW Creative + Communications.

Publication Planning Guidelines
These guidelines are intended to help plan out audience, budget, contacts, timelines, milestones and evaluation for your publication project.

Publication Scheduling Guidelines
These guidelines are intended to help solidify and plan completion date expectations for different units and categories, listed by the categories themselves.