University Advancement Intranet

Columns Magazine Photo Submission Guidelines

The basics:

  • When saving/downloading pictures from your digital camera, please select the highest resolution/largest file size available. For you technical folks, 300 dpi is most-preferred.
  • Email photos for consideration to Julie Lauderbaugh.
  • You know your donors best. If you have a picture of someone who might have sensitivities about being featured in a magazine that is distributed to 250,000 people, please don’t submit it.

Please submit photos featuring:

  • People of diverse ethnicities and ages
  • People smiling
  • Bright or well-lit surroundings
  • Donors
  • Up to five people in a group (additional people in the background are fine)

Please avoid photos featuring:

  • People drinking or eating
  • People wearing nametags (when possible…we know this might be hard to avoid!)
  • Big groups of people (more than six)
  • Primarily staff in photos

With each photo, please provide:

  • Each person’s name, Advance number and graduation year, if applicable
  • Title, date, location and brief description of the event where they were photographed

Timeline/due dates:

Email photos to Julie Lauderbaugh following the timeline below.

  • March issue: submissions welcomed until January 15
  • June issue: submissions welcomed until April 15
  • September issue: submissions welcomed until July 15
  • December issue: submissions welcomed until October 15