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Appeal Code Request

An appeal code is required for every broad-based solicitation.  The code is entered into Advance, the University’s alumni/donor database, along with each donation received.  Appeal codes allow University Advancement staff to track the success of solicitations.

Steps for submitting request:

  1. Please fill out the form below.  (You will be cc’d on the request email.)
  2. You will be contacted to verify that your code has been approved and entered into Advance.
  3. Please print the designated appeal code on your response device.  The code must be printed no smaller than size 10 font.
  4. After you have mailed your solicitation, submit an “Appeal Code Upload” report request on ReportWriter.NET to have your appeal code(s) appended to the entities you solicited.  Reference your original report job number in your request.

Appeal Code Information

Preferred Code: (required)

The code must be 5 alphanumeric characters in length. A date at the end of the code is strongly suggested for easy reference, i.e. XXX10; however, only Annual Giving appeal codes can begin with the fiscal year as the first two digits, i.e. 16XXX.

Title for Solicitation [30 characters total]: (required)>/br>

Default Allocation Code: (required)

By default, the Allocation code to which gifts should be credited.

Allocation Budget No.: (required)

Budget no. corresponding to the Allocation above.

Solicitation Type: (required)

Please describe the group to be solicited and any other pertinent information: (required)

Expected Solicitation Date: (required)

Requester Information

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