Gift and Pledge Types

Advance Alumni/Donor Database Codes

Gift Types

Gift – “GF”

  • One time contribution of funds or goods. This is further defined by the PAYMENT TYPE associated with the gift.

Sample gift receipt

Sample in-kind

Sample in memory/in honor

Pledge Payment – “PP”

  • Gift received towards a larger commitment  (see also PLEDGE TYPES)

Assigned Gift – “AI”

  • Gift received from a third party in exchange for compensation on behalf of an individual. The individual receives legal credit and an appropriate tax-receipt for the contribution.
  • Assigned Gifts are recorded according to..

Pledge Types

Major Pledge – “MP”

  • Major pledges are typically multi-year, sizable commitments.
  • Pledge acknowledgements are produced immediately following recording of the pledge, and are sent directly to the donor to confirm the amount, allocation, and schedule of the pledge.

Sample MP ack.

Pledge reminders for Major Pledges are generated on the 1st of the month prior to the scheduled payment. Only one reminder is generated per scheduled payment. These pledges do not age in the system, and require stewardship from the benefiting unit(s) to review and update pledge information over time.

Sample MP reminder.

Straight Pledge – “ST”

  • Straight pledges are typically one-time commitments recorded  in anticipation of the donation.  Nearly all Straight Pledges are generated through the Student Calling Center in Annual Giving.
  • Acknowledgements for Calling Center pledges are generated through the Campus Call software, and are mailed immediately after securing the pledge.

Sample ST acknowledgement

  • Pledge reminders for Straight Pledges are  generated on a recurring basis in regards to the date of the scheduled payment.   After the initial acknowledgement, reminders are generated one month prior to the expected payment, the scheduled day, and (if not paid) the month after.

Sample ST reminder

  • Pledges that are not paid during the reminder process  are coded as ‘delinquent’ the month following the last reminder, and are then written off automatically by system processes.

Recurring Pledges – “RC” and “RP”

  • Recurring pledges are commitments recorded in the system whereby payments are automatically  secured via credit card or EFT.   There are two distinct pledge types to differentiate the source of the pledge
  • Recurring Credit Card Pledge Gift Processing (RC) – This pledge was submitted directly to Gift Processing and payments are secured through Paypal, Inc. transactions managed by GP staff.
  • Recurring Payment  Pledge Online (RP) – This pledge was directly entered online by the donor, and payments are  secured via the Convio  online giving portal and/or EFT.

Pledge acknowledgements are not currently produced for Recurring pledges.

  • No reminders are generated for Recurring Pledges as future payments have already been secured.

Payroll Deduction Pledges – “PD”

  • Payroll Deduction pledges are  offered to faculty and staff of the University of Washington.   The payments for these pledges are  deducted directly in conjunction with the payroll cycle.
  • Payroll pledges may be one year or multi-year, and may be renewed automatically or upon request as desired by the donor.
  • Payroll pledges are receipted annually in January for the prior year.

Sample payroll receipt