University Advancement Intranet

Outright Gifts

The donor can make an outright gift of real estate, securities and closely held stock, a paid up life insurance policy, and other property of value.

Real Estate

The donor can make an outright gift of real estate and claim an income tax deduction for the donation, while supporting the School/College/Program of his/her choice.


Securities, if they have appreciated, are excellent assets for charitable gifts. These include shares of stocks, bonds or mutual fund units.

Life Insurance Policy

The donor can gift a life insurance policy to the UW. Such a gift may allow the donor to make a larger contribution than he/she thought possible.

Tangible Personal Property

The UW encourages gifts of personal property, such as artwork, books, manuscripts, coin and stamp collections, boats, and airplanes.

Bargain Sale

If you sell an asset such as real estate to the UW for less than its current fair market value, you will make a “bargain sale” gift.

Charitable Lead Trust

A lead trust makes payments to the UW for a designated period of time to support the purpose the donor chooses. When the trust ends, the remaining assets are returned to the donor or transferred to other beneficiaries. A lead trust helps the UW now and can reduce the tax cost of transferring valuable assets to family members.