UW Common Book

In Fall Quarter 2012, UW Advancement hosted a reading group for Advancement staff to examine Respect:  An Exploration, by Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot, the 2012-2013 UW Common Book selection.  More than 10% of all Advancement expressed interest, with a small group of Advancement staff meeting monthly in October, November, and December.  The group discussed lessons in respect Lawrence-Lightfoot traces through six portraits of individuals and related insights from those lessons on symmetry and mutuality to our professional and personal lives and the relationship between those lives.  The group also considered what a respectful institution would look like.

The UW Advancement Common Book reading group has concluded its discussions of Respect.  When we learn of Undergraduate Academic Affairs’ plans for the UW Common Book for the 2013-2014 academic year, we will explore potential connections of that selection to our work that might inform convening again.

Until then, keep reading!

Kim Johnson-Bogart


The UW Common Book

Respect: An Exploration, by Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot, MacArthur Fellow and sociologist on the Harvard Education faculty, is this year’s UW Common Book selection. The Common Book, now entering its 7th year, provides a shared reading and inquiry experience for all entering freshmen. See the 2012 UW Common Book page.

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