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Reports Q&A

Here are some common questions about Advance reporting procedures and reports.  If you have further questions, please email ATS for additional help.

Gift Activity Reports (GARs) or Ad Hoc reporting?
Can I gain access to only receive gift activity or custom reports?
Yes.  First, submit the Alumni/Donor Database Access Form, and you will then be added to the Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information online course. Select the first option in the course: GAR/ReportWriter Only. Follow the directions in the course to view the online lesson and submit the Usage Agreement Form (located within the course as well). Please see the Need Access to Advance? page for more information. 

Up To Date?
  How up to date is the information in ReportWriter.NET?
A:  The reporting database is refreshed with current information each night in order to capture gift and membership transactions, so reports will be up to date as of the early morning of that day.

Data looks different?
  My report includes different information from what I thought it should.  How can I find out how it was created and possibly update the output?
A:  Email the Reporting Group at with your question.  Refer to the job number of either the ad hoc request or the Report ID of the ReportWriter.NET report.

CASS Certification
  I need to use my address report for a mailing through C+C’s Mailing Services.  Where is the latest CASS Certification?
A: The latest CASS certificate is here (as of 4/11/17). (PDF) See also: BCC Data Processing Certificate.

I have Advance entity list that I want to use for contacting the entities – can I do that?
  I have a list of Advance entities that I want to be able to contact. It came from one of these sources:

  • (A) A list from last year (last quarter/three years ago)
  • (B) An Advance report originally run for a different purpose
  • (C) A list I got from Michelangelo or Population Chooser


(A) If you have a list older than about a month, mailing addresses can become out of date quickly as people move around more often than you might guess. If this was from an ad hoc report, use the Report Request form to ask for the data from your previous report (give the job no.) to be refreshed. If you didn’t originally request it to be run for email or mailing contact, specify that it be refreshed for that specific purpose now.

(B) Use the Report Request form to ask for the data from your previous report (give the job no.) to be re-run for the purpose of sending email or mail.

(C) Use the Report Request form to let Reporting know that you’ll be uploading a file to them with the IDs of the Advance entities you want to contact. Include the specific type and purpose for the contact. Then use this link:  Securely Upload a File to Reporting to send them the list of entities. In the upload form, include the report request job no. you just got in your report request. Reporting will work with your list and send it back to you so that you are contacting people in accordance with their contact preferences. This is what the list upload form looks like:

Report List Upload

Click for larger image.