Data Input

Links and resources for getting your data into Advance

Below are some links to request forms and to reference materials that will provide more detailed information about different methods for getting your data into Advance.

Prospect Tracking

The Prospect Management and Tracking System (PMATS) is designed to track multi-year relationships with UW prospects, leading to major and transformational gifts.  All Advancement personnel involved in personally cultivating or soliciting donors must use the PMATS in Advance to document their fund-raising activities, including all personal contact and interactions. UW Advancement’s Relationship Management Policy can be found here.

Appeal Codes
Gift Services
Constituency Groups
Biographical Updates

Recommended methods for getting data into Advance

There are a number of options for getting your constituent data into Advance. The recommended method depends on the type of data you have. The chart below lists some common types of data and the methods we recommend for getting them into Advance. If your type of data isn’t listed here, please contact

ATS Bio Updates FAQ – These questions and answers were created for ARRM but are of use to everyone.

Type of data Example Recommended method
Contact reports Contact reports for one or more individual entities Use the Contact Report Entry Form or contact
Mixed biographical updates A spreadsheet with some new addresses, some new emails, some new employment information Update each record using Advance* or send to
Similar biographical updates A spreadsheet of the same type of update, such as new emails or addresses Send to for bulk processing
Mixed or similar biographical updates with no Advance IDs attached A list like either of the two above, no Advance IDs listed Look up records in Advance and update individually* or contact
People or organizations who are not in Advance yet A list of people or organizations that have no Advance records Contact for help with bulk entity creation
Event attendance list A list of people who were invited to or attended your event Use the Mass Add feature in Advance** or contact for bulk loading
Committee members A list of committee members who are ending or beginning their term on the committee Update each record using Advance* or send to
e-Newsletter recipients A list of people who want to receive your unit’s e-newsletter Speak with your unit’s Convio coordinator or contact
New graduates A list of students who just graduated from your department Degrees are updated automatically; there is no need to update degrees in Advance unless the degree is one that is not tracked in the UW Student Database
Appeal code data A list of people who have received, or will receive, an appeal If you are unsure whether your list has been loaded, contact
New/updated allocation stewardees One or more contacts for allocation stewardship Contact Advancement Stewardship at
New/updated allocation beneficiaries One or more beneficiaries for allocations Contact Advancement Stewardship at
I’m not sure Contact and we’ll help you figure it out

* Requires Advance Bio-Maintenance Training
** Requires Constituency Group Power Users Training