Address Policy

ATS handles the millions (literally!) of addresses in Advance. Here are a few address policies you may find helpful to know.

Preferred addresses

Entities frequently have several active addresses in Advance, but only one address at a time can be the Preferred address. All mail contact goes to the Preferred address.

The Preferred address is sometimes specified by the entity, but more often, Advance will indicate by default that the Home address is preferred. (Corporations and Foundations normally have one Business address, so that address is marked preferred.)

“Lost” records

An entity record is marked “Lost” when a piece of mail comes back to us as undeliverable at the preferred address. In some cases, this is a misunderstanding: the address itself may be valid, but the mail may have gone to the wrong location or been otherwise intercepted. If this is the case, please contact and ask us to change the individual’s record back to “Active.”

The email and phone of a Lost record may still be good. The Lost status covers only physical addresses. Because most individuals prefer to receive personal mail at home, we will not change the business address of a Lost record to Preferred unless the individual or a relationship manager asks us to do so.


Asking the Reporting Group for email addresses for a list of specified individuals will produce as many emails as we have in Advance. We do not currently have valid email addresses for everyone in Advance, although we are working on acquiring more.

New emails can be added individually in Advance by anyone who has completed Bio-Maintenance training. Larger lists of emails can be sent to for bulk loading.

We often receive emails for people who already have a preferred email on record. When that happens we mark the new email as “Preferred.” We do not mark any previous emails as “Past” because email does not rely on a physical location, and the previous email is therefore likely to be valid.

An email’s status can be changed from Preferred to Active, or vice versa, at any time. A bad email–one that comes back with a message indicating the email is no longer valid–will not result in a status of “Lost” for the entity.