Contact Preferences in Advance

Some of our constituents have preferences for how they’d like to hear from us (or not hear from us). We do our best to accommodate all preferences using codes that exclude our constituents from various forms of contact. Here is some information about your options.

Highest amount of restriction: No UW Contact

A status of No UW Contact means that the entity cannot be contacted by the UW at all, ever. It is the only exclusion-related record status code we have.

The No UW Contact option should be reserved for the most extreme situations, where the individual does not ever want to hear from the UW in any way, ever again.

A No UW Contact status effectively cuts an entity off from the UW. It therefore cannot be used to control contact with a particular entity, because any record with “No UW Contact” on it should receive no contact at all, from anyone at the UW. If you’d like to be the Relationship Manager for a prospect, contact Relationship Management to open a proposal.

If a prospect does not want to receive paper mail, solicitation calls, or Annual Giving solicitations, we can accommodate that in other ways. Read on for details, or contact

Solicitation Control codes

You can find the Solicitation control codes on an entity’s record using the following steps.

1. Look up the entity in Advance.
2. Click “Biographic” in the left-hand navigation tree.
3. Click “Contact Prefs.”

There are three different Solicitation Control codes.

  • Code 1, Personal Solicitation Only: The individual may be solicited only on a one-to-one basis, usually by an RM.
  • Code 3, No Solicitation by Personal Request: The individual does not want to be solicited by the UW. Please note that people with this code will still receive Columns, calendars, letters, address labels, newsletters, and anything else where there is no direct ask.
  • Code 9, Solicitation Special Handling: Individual wants to be solicited only once a year, or on certain dates. We currently have a list of just a few individuals with this code: using it can be complicated. If you think you might have a good candidate for this code, please contact

Contact Preference codes

The coding options on the contact preference screen combine to produce options for coding many common entity requests, such as:

  • “I only want email.”
  • “I don’t want to be solicited by that department.”
  • “I only want contact from the department I graduated from.”

For more information about the Contact Preference screen, click here to download the PDF.

Mailing List codes

Contact preferences not covered by any of the options above may still be accommodated with a Mailing List code. Here are a few examples of what a Mailing List code might work for.

  • Opt an entity in or out of a specific publication.
  • Keep an entity’s name from being listed in publications.
  • Opt an entity out of invitations to events.

If you have a group like any of the above that you think you might want a mailing list for, please contact