Advance Reporting

Getting data out of Advance, and ultimately using it as information, takes place in a number of ways besides simply logging in and looking information up.  Here are the chief methods for getting information out of our Advance alumni/donor database:

  • Reports as lists from the Information Management Reporting Group.  These can be in several forms, such as:
    • Standard reports are published automatically such as the Report to Contributors, or ROC.
    • Scheduled reports that get pushed to your email from ReportWriter.NET; commonly scheduled reports are the Gift Activity Report, or GAR, and Gift Notification.  There are a number of other ReportWriter.NET reports that you can schedule push for yourself.
    • ReportWriter.NET Web Reports  or Access Reports – queries – that you run yourself on the fly as needed.  They frequently allow you to choose parameters for customizing the list for your needs.
    • Population Chooser, aka Michelangelo, is a reporting tool under development and testing.  When rolled out, Michelangelo will allow ReportWriter.NET users to choose populations of people and/or gift allocations in Advance visually through the web interface.
    • Ad hoc reports are lists that users request online to describe the information they need.  Reporting staff receive the request and create a custom list based on your needs for you.
  • Reports and look-ups on Prospect information, related to Advancement Research and Relationship Management.
    • PMATS in Advance has powerful look-up functionality for information related to fundraiser activity including contact reports, portfolios, and proposals. For how to’s on PMATS look-ups click here.
    • ReportWriter.Net Access Reports provides all frontline-fundraiser performance reports.  These can be run anytime and are also emailed quarterly to fundraisers and their supervisors by the Relationship Management team.