Need Access to Advance?

The UW takes its commitment to privacy and security seriously. In our to protect sensitive and/or personal alumni and donor information, we strict requirements must be met in order to access Advance data in any form, including ad hoc reporting, Gift Activity Reports, Reportwriter.NET/Reportal, etc.

UW Employees

How should users request access to Alumni/Donor Data?

All users requesting any level of access to alumni/donor data should start by submitting the Alumni/Donor Database Access Form

What happens after users submit the Alumni/Donor Database Access Form?

  • Within 1 business day, ATS will instruct users to complete the Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information course in Canvas
  • Further requirements, depending on role, are detailed within the Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information course

What is the Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information course in Canvas?

  • The course includes a lesson and quiz on the importance of maintaining confidentiality of data and how to use data appropriately
  • The course also includes access to all of the additional required steps for access to alumni/donor data and/or Advance access

Is this Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information course new?

  • The course is not new, but it has been recently revised (September 2014).
  • We hope it is now easier to navigate the course and locate requirements.
  • The course now branches into three separate modules depending on access required/role:
    • GAR/ReportWriter access only
    • Advance account – frontline fundraiser or frontline support staff
    • Advance account – non-frontline

What are the requirements for getting an Advance account?

All requirements for access at any level are now listed and accessible within the appropriate module of the Canvas course:

  • All users view the lesson, take the quiz, complete the Usage Agreement form, and request an Entrust token
  • Anyone requiring an Advance account also registers for Advance Fundamentals online training
  • Frontline fundraisers and frontline support staff also request 1:1 Training

How long does it take to get access to ReportWriter.NET and/or Advance?

  • ATS Help Desk responds to initial access requests as soon as possible. Please be aware that there may be other high-priority support issues in the queue that may delay response.
  • Once invited to the course, it typically takes users about 30 minutes to complete the Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information course and any additional requirements.
  • After users complete the course and additional requirements, ATS Help Desk will grant permissions as soon as possible. Again, other high-priority support issues may delay a response (up to one business day).
  • GAR/ReportWriter.NET permissions are activated by an overnight process, so access will be enabled the day after permissions are granted.
  • It can take up to three business days to receive an Entrust token after submitting the request form (accessible via the Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information course or here).

What should I do if I have questions about this process?

Please email with any questions, comments or suggestions.


Please provide this form to vendors to complete.


Alumni/Donor Information Volunteer Access Form (Advancement Volunteers)
Alumni/Donor Information Volunteer Access Form (UWAA Volunteers)
Alumni/Donor Information Volunteer Access Form (UW Medicine Volunteers)