University Advancement Intranet

Need Access to Advance or the Reporting tools?

The UW takes its commitment to privacy and security seriously. In our to protect sensitive and/or personal alumni and donor information, we have strict requirements which must be met in order to access Advance data in any form, including ad hoc reporting, Gift Activity Reports, Reportwriter.NET/Reportal, etc.

UW Employees

How should users request access to Alumni/Donor Data?

All users requesting any level of access to alumni/donor data should start by submitting the Alumni/Donor Database Access Form. Please do not fill this form out on anyone else’s behalf.

What happens after users submit the Alumni/Donor Database Access Form?

  • Within 1 business day, ATS will instruct users to complete the Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information course in Canvas
  • Further requirements, depending on role, are detailed within the Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information course

What is the Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information course in Canvas?

  • The course includes a lesson and quiz on the importance of maintaining confidentiality of data and how to use data appropriately
  • The course also includes access to all of the additional required steps for access to alumni/donor data and/or Advance access

Is this Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information course new?

  • The course is not new, but it has been recently revised (September 2014).
  • We hope it is now easier to navigate the course and locate requirements.
  • The course now branches into three separate modules depending on access required/role:
    • GAR/ReportWriter access only
    • Advance account – frontline fundraiser or frontline support staff
    • Advance account – non-frontline

What are the requirements for getting an Advance account?

All requirements for access at any level are now listed and accessible within the appropriate module of the Canvas course:

  • All users view the lesson, take the quiz, complete the Usage Agreement form, and request an Entrust token
  • Anyone requiring an Advance account also registers for Advance Fundamentals online training
  • Frontline fundraisers and frontline support staff also request 1:1 Training

How long does it take to get access to ReportWriter.NET and/or Advance?

  • ATS Help Desk responds to initial access requests as soon as possible. Please be aware that there may be other high-priority support issues in the queue that may delay response.
  • Once invited to the course, it typically takes users about 30 minutes to complete the Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information course and any additional requirements.
  • After users complete the course and additional requirements, ATS Help Desk will grant permissions as soon as possible. Again, other high-priority support issues may delay a response (up to one business day).
  • GAR/ReportWriter.NET permissions are activated by an overnight process, so access will be enabled the day after permissions are granted.
  • It can take up to three business days to receive an Entrust token after submitting the request form (accessible via the Confidentiality of Alumni/Donor Information course or here).

What should I do if I have questions about this process?

Please email with any questions, comments or suggestions.


Please provide this form to vendors to complete.


Volunteers acting as Agents of the University of Washington in service of University Advancement may be given alumni and donor information needed to carry out their cultivation, fundraising, or other work. Individual UW Advancement staff who distribute such alumni and donor information have a conversation with the volunteer about confidentiality and data stewardship. The information is to be treated with the same safeguards as they would wish their own information to be. The volunteer is instructed on the method of information disposal once it is no longer needed for the task at hand, e.g., shredding, deleting, or handing back to the Advancement staff member.