Alumni/Donor Database Access Form

This form must be completed to obtain information about alumni and donors from the Alumni/Donor Database, whether through direct inquiry using Advance or ReportWriter.NET or through reports received from the Advancement Services Reporting group.  The Alumni/Donor Database is managed by staff of UW Advancement, Information Management.  Inquiries should be directed to Advancement Training & Support Help at (206) 221-3947 or

Instructions:  Please fill out this form.  Submission of the form sends the information to ATS for filing, cc’s your supervisor as well as yourself.  Please retain a copy for your reference.

You certify that your supervisor authorizes you to receive access to Advance or its report output. Your supervisor will be copied upon submission of this form.

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Applicant's Statement of Responsibilities:

-- I understand that information I receive regarding UW alumni, donors, students, faculty, staff, fundraising and alumni communications is confidential and the property of the University of Washington, and may not be released to anyone except University employees in the course of their work as employees unless authorization is given by the supervisor. This includes all forms of information, written, oral, or electronic. The release and control of this information is governed by state and federal laws including the Federal Family Educational Rights Act of 1974 (FERPA), Public Disclosure Laws, the Washington Administrative Code, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

-- I am responsible for the security of my account username and password. My account is not to be shared with other people. I also understand that my access to alumni/donor information is to the information I need to know to perform my responsibilities to the University of Washington.

-- To ensure that none of this information is released to a third party, or to University Employees who are not authorized for access, I understand that it is my responsibility to physically protect hard copies, and to destroy or properly archive all printer or electronic materials as soon as their useful purpose has been served.

-- All University equipment, software, and information is maintained solely for business use. No University resources may be used for any sort of personal work or entertainment. Violation of these provisions may result in disciplinary action, which could include dismissal from employment with the University of Washington.

-- I have read and understand this Statement of Responsibilities regarding the use of University of Washington equipment, data, and resources. I ensure that I will maintain the confidentiality of information I receive and will use the available equipment and resources according to University Policy.

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