About ATS Training

Advancement Training and Support offers training in Advance and related subjects.

  • Training is required to access Advance. Access levels vary according to need and the amount of training completed.
  • To sign up, or see what training sessions are being offered, visit the Advancement Training Calendar.
  • When you are registered for a class you will receive a confirmation email message.  Please be sure to follow the instructions and note the location of the training.

Training descriptions

Advance Basic Inquiry: Required to gain access to Advance. Learn to look up entity information in Advance. Find entity contact information, giving history, and affiliations. Includes a short introduction to Reportwriter.NET. One session, 2.5 hours

Advance Bio-Maintenance: Learn to update entity records. Change and add contact information; create new entities. Prerequisite: Basic Inquiry. One sessions, 7 hours

Constituency Group Power Users: Learn to use Constituency Groups. Track entity activities, group entities together in lists, add a group of entities to a list using the Mass Add function. One session, 2.5 hours

Prospect Tracking: Learn to find information about prospect assignments and managing your prospect activity in Advance; read and create contact reports. One session; 1 hour

Recommended Training By Role

Role Basic Inquiry Prospect Tracking Bio Maintenance Constituency Groups
Frontline Fundraiser Recommended* Recommended* Optional Optional
Advancement Coordinator Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended
Faculty & Staff Outside Advancement Recommended
I’m not sure New to a job, not sure what you need? Contact us!

*Frontline fundraisers will receive a combination desk-side Basic Inquiry/Prospect Tracking session led by ATS and ARRM. Visit this form to sign up.

Training documentation

Consult the training descriptions linked to on the left hand menu for supporting documentation for each class.