Basic Inquiry


In order to gain access to Advance, you are required to attend this training session.   Any further training sessions are optional.   The Basic Inquiry class includes information related to the application itself and University Advancement as a whole.

(Fundraisers receive a Basic Inquiry session in conjunction with their individual PMATS training.)

Course Content

Connect to Advance and log in.
Search for and look up alumni, donors, other friends and organizations (entities).
Navigate within Advance.
Understand Advance’s four subsystems.
Orient yourself with the UW Advancement intranet site.

Understand an entity’s biographic information, including addresses, employment, degrees, relationships, and constituency group records.
Request ad hoc reports from the IM Reporting Group.
Log into the online reporting tool, ReportWriter.NET.
Request general data updates.

Understand a donor’s giving and pledge history.
Research allocation information.
Use allocation and giving reports in Advance.
Learn how to create a Gift Activity Report (GAR) in ReportWriter.NET.
Learn how to use other Web Reports related to giving in ReportWriter.NET.

Basic Inquiry Manual (PDF)