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Training Course Descriptions

One-on-One: Fundraiser Training

If you are a frontline fundraiser with a prospect portfolio, or you will be accessing a portfolio for direct fundraiser support, please request a desk-side training including an introduction to Advance followed by Prospect Management training.  (This will also result in your enrollment in the Advance Basic Online course below as well as the one-on-one session.)

Online:  Advance Basic Online, for non-Frontline Fundraisers

Upon signing up for this course you will receive an automatic confirmation with prompts to complete a confidentiality agreement form as well as an online course on Confidentiality.  Completing the confidentiality requirements will allow ATS to add you to the Advance Basic Online course and provide you an Advance account.  You must have a UW NetID in order to complete this process.

At the time you are enrolled in this course, you are also enrolled in Advance Constituency Power Users.  See description below.

Classroom:  Advance Intermediate Workshop

Prerequisite:  Advance Basic Online or One-on-One Fundraiser Training

Once you have an Advance account, this classroom session will give you a chance to ask follow-up questions, dive deeper into Advance functionality, and make the connections between your own work in the office and how Advance and reporting can help you perform.  This is a great refresher for long time Advance users who want to take a deeper look or for new users who have recently completed the one-on-one training or the Advance Online course.

This session is Q&A-driven. Bring your questions as there is no formal agenda.

Blended:  Advance Constituency Power Users

Prerequisite:  Advance Basic Online or One-on-One Fundraiser Training
Activities, Awards & Honors, Committees, Interests, Mailing Lists, Sports and Student Activities – these are all Constituency Groups in Advance.  This course will help you understand Advancement’s approach to list management according to these categories.  You can learn to manage these lists yourself and have maintenance access yourself as well as to effectively use ATS assistance to load these lists for you.  The advantages of having this information stored in Advance for your reporting purposes is examined as well.

This course combines the Canvas Course, Constituency Power Users, accessible to all Advance account holders, with a classroom session you can sign up for here.

Classroom:  Advance Biographic Maintenance

Prerequisite:  Advance Basic Online or One-on-One Fundraiser Training
If you have Advance information to update including addresses, employment, marital information, birth dates, family and friend relationships, contact preferences, or any other type of information that appears underneath the “Biographic” left navigation header in Advance.  This is a relatively substantial training investment, but your maintenance access will allow you to very broadly update the database.

If you need to submit updates but you are not in a position to invest in this training, please see our HYDRA Biographic Updates page in order to submit your updates.  Alternately, email

Online:  Frontline Fundraiser Training Library

Prerequisite:  Employment in a University Advancement Unit
All staff members in Advancement are enrolled in this collection of training materials and videos originally developed and delivered as Frontline Fundraiser Trainings.

Convio Training

Convio training sessions also appear on this calendar.  If you are interested in Convio, please see the Convio Training page.


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