Constituency Group Power Users


Advance Constituency Groups are a way to track lists of Advance Entities that have something in common, such as being on a mailing list, participating on a committee, or having attended an event.

Advance Constituency Groups are:

  • Activities
  • Awards and Honors
  • Committees
  • Interests
  • Mailing Lists
  • Sports
  • Student Activities

Course Content

  • Look up lists of Constituency Groups previously created.
  • Create and maintain Clipboard lists of entities for use on their own or for future Constituency Group maintenance.
  • Add new Constituency Group codes to individual entities.
  • Add a new Constituency Group code to a list of entities.
  • Combine requests for new Constituency Group codes with ad hoc report requests.


To take Constituency Group Maintenance training, you must have attended a Basic Advance Inquiry training. Constituency Updating is usually offered once per month.