PMATS (Prospect Tracking)


Relationship Management’s Prospect Tracking training covers the basics of using the Advance Prospect Tracking System, as well as the policies surrounding the use of the PMATS (Prospect Management and Tracking System). It is designed to meet the needs of Frontline Fundraisers, administrative support staff assigned to Frontline Fundraisers, and anyone who works with donors on an individual basis, especially to solicit major gifts.

In order to maintain the confidentiality of our donor information, access to the Prospect Tracking system is limited.  You are required to take the Prospect Tracking Training in order to gain access to the system.

If you qualify (see requirements below), please fill out the Prospect Tracking training registration form. All trainings are one-on-one, held at the trainee’s desk, and are scheduled individually at the trainee’s convenience.

For all other UW staff–if you would like information from the Prospect Tracking System, please consult with your unit’s fundraiser.  He or she will be able to provide the information you need.  If your information needs cannot be met by working through your fundraiser, ask your fundraiser to contact us ( on your behalf.


Access to the Prospect Tracking system is limited; trainees must deal with donors, potential donors, and information about their individually-managed major gift relationship to the UW.

Advance Basic Inquiry training is required prior to taking a Prospect Tracking training.  For new frontline fundraiser staff or new direct frontline support staff, you may schedule a combination Basic Inquiry/Prospect Tracking training.

Training Offered

Personalized Training for Frontline Fundraisers and their support staff – designed to introduce the Prospect Tracking system and UW’s Relationship Management policy to new staff.

Prospect Tracking Select – for development communications, ACR, stewardship staff, and student employees who require access to read contact reports, run prospect profiles, and other basic-level Prospect Tracking functions.

To sign up for Prospect Tracking training, fill out the Prospect Tracking training registration form. All trainings are one-on-one, held at the trainee’s desk, and are scheduled individually. Questions? Contact the Relationship Management team.

Course Guides (PDF Files)

  1. RM Policy Handout
  2. PMATS Basics Handout
  3. Contact Report Lookups
  4. Proposal Lookups
  5. Top25 Lookup
  6. Unit Prospect List Lookups