ReportWriter.NET Workshop

This training is scheduled on a monthly basis and you can signup using the advancement training calendar.  A session can also be scheduled for just your group.  Email to request a session for your group.

This class is presented in a workshop-style.  It is meant to both acquaint new users to ReportWriter.NET and to help answer questions or offer advice to those who have already had the opportunity to work in ReportWriter.NET. Whether you are new to Advance reporting or ready for more involved lookups, you are welcome to attend the workshop.

The workshop will contain:

  • A brief overview of ReportWriter.NET and description of the interface.
  • Descriptions of some unique functionality of the program.
  • Explanation of the difference between “web” and “request” reports.
  • In-class demonstrations on how to run a few of the reports.
  • An introduction to the prospect tracking portion of ReportWriter.NET from a member of the Advancement Research and Relationship Management team.

Please feel free to bring your own questions, helpful hints and discussion items regarding ReportWriter.NET, as the second part of the training will be approached in an open-discussion context.