Exchange Online Migration FAQ

Reference Sheets

When will the migration to Exchange Online take place?

– July 2, 2014.

What do I need to do to have my account migrated to Exchange Online?

-We sent out a spreadsheet to one person from each group asking for more detailed information about everyone in the group as well as any shared NetIDs and resources in use.  We have submitted this information to Nebula for the migration. Thanks to our unit contacts who filled in these spreadsheets!

Will there be an email outage during the migration?

-You will still be able to use Outlook during the migration period.  When your mailbox is completely moved, you will see an on-screen message asking you to restart Outlook. You may experience a delay when sending and receiving messages during the migration period.

What do I do if I have messages larger than 25mb?

– Everyone should run the steps listed here, Moving Oversized Messages From UW Exchange Local, to identify and move over sized messages. If you do not run these steps before the migration occurs, emails over 25mb in size will be lost.

After migration, how do I log onto outlook web?

-After your account is migrated, use this link – OWA for UW Exchange Online Users. This link will not work until the migration has been completed.

What do I need to do if I am a delegate or have delegates?

– Everyone in a delegate relationship must move together.  If you are a delegate or have delegates and are not moved yet, the delegate relationship will not work until both side of that relationship are migrated to Exchange Online. UWIT migration staff area aware of delegate relationships and are moving units all together to mitigate against delegates becoming separated.

 Who will help with any problems or issues that I have?

-UW IT will have consultants on hand to help.  You can email for assistance. They will have extra staff on hand for support during the migration process.

Will this change how I have to log into Outlook?

– Your new login will be (no longer NETID\uwnetid).


Please log in to Computer Support to Central Advancement Staff for more information.

Known issues and solutions to these issues can be found here – Known Issues