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New Advancement Staff

Please do not request a new user account directly from Nebula – our service includes making the Nebula contact on your behalf.

This form should be filled out at least 3 business days before the new staff is scheduled to start to ensure all requested file access is set as well as the exchange account. Additionally, additional time should be planned if new computer equipment and software is ordered. This can take up to 2 weeks depending on the equipment and software requested.

Use this form to alert ATS of a new staff person starting in one of our units.  Use it for student and temporary workers as well.

You will have a chance to request new computer equipment if needed, with your budget information.  If the new staff will use an existing workstation, please fill in the tag numbers of the workstation equipment.

After submitting this form you will receive an email confirmation, and ATS will submit the new Nebula account request on your behalf.

Please print out and have this document ready to give your new staff upon arrival for initial computer login:  New staff PC procedure, or New staff Mac procedure.

Thank you,


New Staff Information

New Staff Start Date (required):

New Staff Name (Last, First) (required):

New Staff UW NetID. No NetID - STOP! We cannot process this form without a NetID. Please return to fill it out once you have that information. (required):

New Staff Advancement Area (required):

New Staff Unit (required):

New Staff Bldg. and Floor (required):

New Staff Phone (required):

New Staff Title (required):

Staff Type (check all that apply) (required):

Appointment End Date if Not Permanent:

New Staff Supervisor's Name (required)

Supervisor's Email (required):

Existing Workstation Equipment

Please enter information about the computer equipment the new staff person will be using.

For any existing computer equipment that will be assigned to the new staff person, please supply the inventory tag numbers of those items. If no existing equipment, please type NONE in Computer ID Tag field.

Computer ID Tag (required):

Monitor ID Tag or Tags if More Than One:

Printer ID Tag:

Any Other ID Tags:

New Workstation Equipment to Purchase

Check all that apply. Note, prices are approximate.
Desktop PC including mouse and keyboard ($777)Laptop PC including dock, case, mouse and keyboard (approx. - $1,900)24 inch wide screen monitor ($150)Mac computer (inquire for configuration and pricing)

Notes for us about computer equipment purchases?

Budget Information

If your request includes new equipment to purchase, the following budget fields are required. The budget contact will be cc'd upon submission of this form.

(Do not fill out budget information if you are not ordering equipment via this form.)

Budget Approver Name:

Budget Approver Email:

Budget Number:




New Staff Orientation

This is for the time you would like ATS to sit with the new person to get them signed into their computer, not the time of their HR orientation:




Nebula Account Information

Enable Exchange for Email and Calendar? (required):

For I: drive access, please provide the NetID of an existing staff member who has all the folder access the new staff will need (required):

Any additional folders to add access to? Please include full path.

Grant access to additional groups, if any:

Make this user an administrator on this computer (if PC) inventory tag #:

Comments regarding new Nebula account?

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