Loaner Computer Equipment

Loaner Equipment – Gerberding Hall

There is a loaner laptop located in the guest area of the 400 office suite.

Loaner Equipment – UW Tower, S Bldg.

A la Carte

  • Outlook name:  ADV.Loaner Laptop Loaner Laptop Insert (pdf)
    • Laptop with DVD Drive
    • Mouse
    • Carrying Case
  • Outlook name:  ADV.Loaner Projector Loaner Projector Insert (pdf)
    • Projector with Remote, Integrated Speakers
    • Carrying Case
  • Outlook name:  ADV.PowerPoint Remote
    • PowerPoint Remote with Case

Presentation Pack

  • ADV.Presentation_Pack Presentation Pack Insert (pdf)
    • Laptop with DVD Drive
    • Mouse
    • Projector with Remote, Integrated Speakers
    • PowerPoint Remote
    • Power Strip
    • Ethernet Cable
    • Rolling Travel Case

How to Reserve and Check Out Loaner Equipment

Reservation System

  1. Invite a loaner “resource” to your Outlook appointment using the Scheduling Assistant.  Enter “adv.” and Ctrl + K to search for the item.

    Reservation for an Outlook Resource

    Click to see larger.

  2. At the beginning of your reserved time, retrieve your reserved item – and only your reserved item.
    UW Tower:  Come to the ATS area, next to the main S Bldg. elevator stack.   Take the equipment from the loaner equipment cabinet.
    Gerberding 400:  Come to the guest area and retrieve the laptop from the cabinet there.
  3. Return the item promptly and let ATS know if there were any issues or lost items.  That’s it!

Courtesy is Awesome!

  • Each loaner item comes with an inventory sheet.  Please make sure each item is returned complete.
  • The PowerPoint Remotes come with extra batteries.  If you need to use the replacements, please let us know so that we can restock them for the next person.  (And we’ll have the old ones recycled if you bring them back to us!)
  • If you misplace or lose part of an item while you have it borrowed, please report it to us immediately.
  • Please be mindful that others may need the item after your reservation period so return it promptly.

Need Help with Your Loaner Items?

If you’re having trouble with any of the items once you’ve left with them, we’d like to help if we can (M-F, 8-5).

Phone:  206.221.3947
If you can access the web, use this link to text Page ATS if need be.