New Staff Computing Orientation

Welcome to UW Advancement!

Most likely, the point of your job is not just to use a computer, but using a computer may play a big part in helping you do what you are really here to do – build relationships with prospects, let the world know about the great work of the UW, write great acknowledgement  letters, support your colleagues in various ways, or just about everything else.

In central Advancement you now have at your disposal many computing resources to help you do those parts of your work requiring them.  These Intranet pages are devoted to you, the new staff, and what you need to know to get started.  Here are the most basic computing and technology resources you can utilize and some information and links to help you make the most of them.

These pages contain information and links that are basic to your understanding
of how our computing resources are managed.


Your Computer  You may have a laptop or desktop, PC or Mac, and accessories.  ATS supplies it for you and partners with Nebula to make sure it works and gets replaced on a regular basis.

Printers  High volume printers are installed in several areas around each floor in Washington Commons and the 4th floor in Gerberding so you can print in black and white or color.  Some printers are also installed in individual workstations.

Networked File Storage  The drives we refer to as the H drive and the I drive are secure, backed up and always accessible.  The network is the best and most reliable place to store your work, whether it is to be shared or kept for yourself.

Advancement Applications  Central Advancement provides a number of widely used applications for our work.  Advance, ReportWriter.NET, CampusCall and Convio are the most universally used.

Exchange Group Calendaring  We’re all interconnected and utilize our email and calendar groups help us collaborate including reservations for conference rooms and loaner equipment.

Loaner Computer Equipment  Speaking of which, we provide a self-serve equipment loan service.  For short term uses, you can borrow an individual laptop, projector, PowerPoint remote, or check out the presentation pack which combines all of these items in a rolling case.

Secure Password Storage  We provide the free PasswordSafe application to you for storing your various account credentials as a best practice rather than writing them down on paper.

Support  Lots of people are here to help you in different ways. We’re a collegial bunch and you’ll find that your unit coworkers will be happy to give you all sorts of information to get you started well in your new job, whether you need to find lunch on The Ave. or be reminded of your copier code.  When it comes to your computing resources, we in ATS partner with UWIT’s Nebula to support your computers, applications and networked files.

UA Intranet  The rest of this site contains calendars, directories, forms, information, links and other resources to help you learn about and do your work.  Try out the site search or browse the top row of menus to see the broad topics included.

Click the links above or just refer to the left hand menu to get started!