Loaner Computer Equipment

How to Borrow ATS Loaner Equipment

  1. Create a meeting in Outlook (PC’s and newer Macs) or Entourage (older Macs) for the duration of time that you need to borrow equipment.
  2. Invite the loaner equipment “resource” to your meeting.  You can add it by exact name, or search for it using adv. and Ctrl+K.
    • Items available are ADV.Loaner Laptop, ADV.Loaner Laptop 2, ADV.Loaner Projector, ADV.PowerPoint Remote, and ADV.Presentation Pack (includes laptop, projector, and PowerPoint remote in a rolling case).
  3. At the start time of your reservation period, come to the ATS area, first floor Washington Commons.
  4. Take the item or items that you reserved.
  5. Bring them back with all components, cables, etc.
    • Each item (except the PowerPoint remote) comes with an inventory sheet.  Make sure when you pack up your item to return it, that all pieces on the sheet are present.
Photo of ATS Loaner Cabinet

This cabinet is located on the 1st floor of the Washington Commons building in the UW Tower.


Remote Work

If you don’t have a laptop assigned to you, you might need to borrow one to do some remote work.  Check out the loaner laptop from ATS for short term use.  (Advancement Communications and ACR also have internal laptop loaners you may use if you work in one of those areas.)


Got a presentation to deliver?  Borrow the PowerPoint remote clicker, laptop or projector, if you only need one or two of these.  Borrow the entire presentation pack if you need all of them in one bundle.  The presentation pack comes in a rolling case for easy transit.


Both loaner projectors include an integrated speaker for your presentation or webinar with sound which will work for small to medium conference rooms.  If you are meeting in a large room, we have a set of medium power external speakers you can borrow.  Let ATS know if you need them (there is no calendar for them as they are rarely used).

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