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Networked File Storage

The “H” and “I” Drives

Nebula provides networked file shares for us to store our work.  What does that mean for you?

A Note about PC’s and Macs

  • PC’s have a built-in facility for mapped drives whereby each networked file sharing location is given a letter.
  • Macs are configured by ATS to provide you with the standard selection of mapped server locations.


Graphic of files locked

The H:\ drive, aka your “homes” drive, is a location on the network that only you have access to. Things appropriate to store here are documents that you don’t want to share, or shouldn’t be shared with others.  You might store your resume there; if you fill out evaluations for your direct reports, or have other supervisory documents, save them there.  Anything else that you wish to keep to yourself should be stored in your homes, or H:\, drive.

UWIT also provides 20 GB of free networked (and backed up) private storage for you in the form of the U:\ drive. Read about it here.

Group Collaboration

The I:\ drive is a big place.  Within it, though, is the I:\groups folder.  Within “groups” you will find all the unit-based folders.  Here are just a few examples.

  • I:\groups\ua\garage – shared among all of University Advancement, intended for short term “parking” of folders.
  • I:\groups\ua\ACR – shared within Alumni & Constituent Relations.  Sub-folders indicate ownership by different ACR units.
  • I:\groups\ua\FINADM – shared within Finance & Administration
  • I:\groups\ua\ARRM – shared within Advancement Research & Relationship Management

Talk to your office mates or manager and find out which one(s) your group folder or folders are.  This is where you will share your work with your group.


Nebula drives require an account with permissions to access these various folders.  You can be sure that you are only sharing files with the people in your unit, sometimes even a small number in your unit, or Central Advancement.


Nebula folders are available 24 hours a day.  You can access them on your work computer.

Backup Recovery

Nebula file sharing servers are backed up nightly.  They make backed up folders available to us through the “snapshots” folder in I:\snapshots.  Access this location and refer to the DAILY, WEEKLY, or MONTHLY backed up folders to find either your homes drive or group drive during the relevant time period.

Example of Snapshots Folder on a PC. Click picture to enlarge view.


Do Not Store Files on Your Local Hard Drive


Never store files that you would miss if lost on your local computer. Always store files on a networked server folder. Period.

Any disruption to your computer including but not limited to virus infection, hard drive crash, or replacing your computer (and ATS wiping the hard drive before you say something), can render your hard work inaccessible. We would all like to avoid that.


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