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What Ever Happened to the “Paperless Office?”

Well, we haven’t seen it yet.  In fact the advent of email and the World Wide Web have ushered in an era of increased printing and paper consumption! While we attempt to reduce/reuse/recycle, it’s a fact that we need to print on paper now and then.

We all have use of at least one black and white, and at least one color, high volume laser printers within a short distance from our desks. Confer with your nearby office mates to see which printers are the best for you.

Centralized high volume printers will look something like this.  The label on the front tells you two things:  the nickname of the printer and its IP Address.  We attempt to set up printer connections for you on your computer before you arrive, but if you need to make a new connection, you’ll need the IP Address.

Your unit director might have had an additional printer installed on your desktop, or a desktop nearby, for single-user or small group use.

Printer Support Model

ATS Support for High Volume Printers  ATS provides support for these central high volume printers at no charge to your unit.  We will get the printer cleaned if print quality suffers, have parts replaced when needed, or provide troubleshooting of additional issues and provide for a solution. Finally, we will also replace these printers at the end of their cost-effective lifespan out of our ATS budget.

Unit Support for Desktop Printers  Individual users are responsible for requesting printer support and maintenance for non-high volume printers placed on individual desktops.  ATS can recommend a printer support vendor for this purpose. Email if you need printer maintenance.

See also this link in our regular support pages:

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