Secure Password Storage

Password Security

How many accounts do you have to keep track of, with how many different password requirements?  It’s tempting to use the same password for everything, or worse, keep your user account credentials written down.  We’ve even seen them on sticky notes plastered on people’s monitors (but not yours of course!).  To have your credentials both handy and secure, use a storage utility

Mac Users

With apologies, ATS has not had enough experience with the built-in OS X feature, the Keychain, that we can provide instructions on it.  Here’s a MacWorld article on using the Keychain we hope you’ll heed.

PC Users

Your Nebula PC comes with the application, PasswordSafe.  Here’s how to get started.

1.)  Click Start > All Programs > PasswordSafe folder > PasswordSafe.

2.)  Click the new button to create a new safe when starting for the first time.

3.)  Choose a location in your H:\ (homes) drive to store it; give it a file name followed by .psafe3 and save it.

Click picture for larger image.

4.)  Use a strong password to secure the file.  (You will get a message letting you know if your password is weak.)  The same password that you choose for your Nebula or UW NetID accounts will most likely be strong enough.


5.)  Click the Add New Entry button to add account information to your safe.

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