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How Computers are Supplied

PC’s  and Macs Your unit has purchased a computer workstation for each of its positions.  ATS makes the purchase and completes some administrative tasks associated with inventory, insurance and configurations before delivering it to the employee.  We then receive a budget transfer to cover the cost of the equipment.  Approximately every three to four years both PC’s and Macs are replaced out of the ATS budget, for the life of that position.  This includes the computer, basic mouse and keyboard.

We don’t stock ergonomic mice and keyboards; your unit should purchase those as a regular office supply if you need one, but we can certainly replace regular mice and keyboards if yours malfunctions at any time.  We don’t stock spare Apple keyboards and mice, but PC peripherals also work and are available as replacements if needed at no charge.

Think of your computer as a “subscription” to a working computer instead of a purchase of that exact piece of equipment.  That “subscription” is in effect for the duration of the position in the unit.

Hardware Problems?

If your computer needs troubleshooting, a replacement part or simply stops working, you will always receive service, replacement parts or a replacement computer, in order to keep you working.  ATS, in partnership with Nebula, will coordinate swapping your computer for a functioning one, replace the malfunctioning part, or get you a loaner while your computer is being repaired, depending on the problem.

How Software is Supplied

A suite of standard software comes with each workstation, whether Mac or PC.  This includes the current version of MS Office, Sophos Virus scan, IE/FireFox/Chrome for PC’s, and Safari, Chrome and FireFox for Macs.   Macs and PC’s come with a standard set of server drive mappings that includes your unit’s shared drive, your private personal drive, and a selection of others including the “snapshots” drive where you can recover previous saved versions of files.

If your computer needs additional software and isn’t yet licensed for it, you can request new software from ATS via web form.  ATS will then purchase the installation media or download the application for you and only charge your unit for the licenses requested.  This increases value for your unit and allows us to more easily maintain your applications for you when your computer is replaced and track valid license holdings of our department.


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